07 October 2005

Red hair strikes again (Or pelorojo tambien)

My hair is now red. Mum and I did it tonight. I think it looks pretty darn good.
Just found some really, really old emails from an old friend. He and I used to be very close; I looked up to him like an older brother. (I think he's only about three or four years older than I but I can't really remember...) Anyway, we used to be very close. Then life happened and other things happened and we ended up drifting apart. Didn't help that I went off to college an hour away.
So I was reading these old emails... Without going into specifics, I realize I didn't treat him the right way. Not as I would have wanted him to treat me had the conditions been reversed. No matter how strange I thought he was acting or how much I disapproved of anything said or done, he was still my friend and deserved much better from me. I feel really guilty and embarrassed about my choice of action. In my heart I truly wish there was some way of apologizing but I have no idea how to contact him now and no way of knowing if he'd even listen. I was a stupid little girl and just didn't deserve such a friend. Looking back over our emails, he had a lot of really good advice to share. We could have gotten past our differences and my childishness, I feel sure of that. Guess this is one of those life experiences I'm supposed to learn from, huh?
Now my hair is red and I'm in a blue mood.
Well, I'm going to head off to bed...

1. I think this soy milk and tofu phase is funny. Laughing funny.
2. I Like Pizza by the Shatners/ Edward Scissorhand bc I watched it with you that one night
3. Um... chocolate? I guess that's a pudding flavor? How about watermelon then?
4. I'm an umbrella. You can't call that Veronica. I win!
5. That night at Buzz's subs... You never seemed to sit down. I don't think you said more than a dozen words to me that night. (But then Laren, Gabby, and I were talking a mile a minute...)
6. A Goat!!!
7. Why did you start playing the drums?


Anonymous Galen adoringly said...

i think i have an idea what you mean. ive been on both ends of that kind of thing several times (the situation or reasons were different each time). i guess im stupid or stubborn for not learning from it.

1:43 AM  

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