19 September 2005

Chai tea mix is Stan

It would seem that the chai tea mix and I do not get along well. That or the mix stuff gets along very well with my pants... The jury will kindly note: Before I left for class some jumped on the upper part of the jeans I was planning on wearing today. But no big deal, right? I'm still at home; I'll just change pants quickly. Go to class and everything goes smoothly. (Yeah, right, but for this story just let me simplify like that, okay?) Get back to the house and decide it would be a good idea to rinse out my cup from earlier since I'd been in such a hurry before that I had forgotten to. This is where the story gets stupid(er). I managed to make an even BIGGER mess on this second pair of jeans. As in a whole long stripe down the side of my right leg from knee to hem. Yes, I am that good. No, I won't make messes on demand just for your amusement. Okay, fine. Just wait about ten minutes and I'll probaby do something stupid on my own requiring no forethought or planning.
And now for some general whining about nothing in particular...
Between classes this morning I went to the Great Reading Room to study. For those of you that don't know or understand what the Great Reading Room is... This room is a huge room intended for the use of studying in almost silence on a busy campus where near-silence isn't always easy to find. Thus it is an understood rule in the Room that one does not make loud noises and, especially, no one should talk more than a few words whispered to a near neighbor, etc. So a lovely group of a half-dozen or so older people walking in and talking loudly isn't the norm. But that is what walked in on my study session today. I swear, the only way the two older women could have talked any louder would be via a bullhorn. And one of the old men kept asking really dull questions, such as under whose administration a certain carved panel DOWNSTAIRS had been made/donated. They hung around talking loudly/stupidly and taking pictures for at least 15-20 minutes. Crikey. I honestly thought this one fellow catty corner to me was going to attack them, he had such a look of incredulous anger on his face. I mean, I was not happy about them being so loud but I guess I don't really have any real right to ask them to shut up or leave now do I? Whatever. I suppose the pretty carved little angels near the cathedral-like ceiling rather make up for any small annoyances. They are very pretty.
I really don't like it when text books have unbalanced chemical equations... How nerdy of me is that?
Jingle jangle jangle
Mum I left my caramel coloured sweater at home this last weekend. Please don't sell it to the paparazzi!
And here is a hilarious site Julia showed me...Funny food...
Okay, have a lovely week!

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action." - Auric Goldfinger, in "Goldfinger" by Ian L. Fleming (so if the chai tea attacks me again... bringing out the grenades...)


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