10 September 2005

Good show

The show went beautifully. It was at this cool little outdoor venue, the Trainstop or something like that... It was an old train depot but Amtrack still stops there or something. 3 trains went by during the show... kinda funny. Julia and I kidnapped Morgan; We met up with Melissa and Lindsay there. Such good times with good friends. I really like one of the songs Zack Winters sings, "The Devil Has a Pretty Voice". It totally rocks. I'd post the lyrics but I don't think he has them up online and I don't know all of the words. Besides, just hearing the words isn't enough. You wouldn't get the full essence of the song from the words alone. We all danced out to the Neighborhood; Splendid times. (Oh, Morgan didn't actually dance but he did sway a little and that counts, right?) OH!!! And I got called a groupie by a lady working the "entrance" table. Weird but nice.
After the show Mel, Morgan, and Linds came by our house. Then we called up Alex and Katie plus a friend of Mel's, Matt, to watch "A Lot Like Love" with us since we hadn't seen them in a while. Alex, Katie, and Morgan left about halfway through (Oh, sidenote so that makes a tad more sense: Morgan and Alex are roomates in an apartment at the same place Julia and I used to live. Katie is Alex's wonderful girlfriend.) And Elise + her crew showed up. Crikey. That's all I will comment about THAT.
Movie was as good as the company so we had a good time. Now I'm sleepy and should get to bed but find myself still wide-awake. Goin' home tomorrow to see the fam. Heard a rumor that we're getting a new couch or something so what better excuse do I need??
Love to all and to all a good night!!!
"Dancing is silent poetry."- Simonides +
“Without music, life would be a mistake.” -Friedrich Nietzsche


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