24 August 2005

Bonita miercoles!!!

Dropped Shakespeare Comedy and am feeling much, much better. I really hadn't realized how much I was stressing out about it until I dropped it. And sold back that heavy-arse book.
Had yummy Fettucini for dinner. Sweet. And Skronky brought me a sno cone earlier. That was pretty awesome. Guess what flavor!!! A Tiger Woods Ya'll!!! (That is the name, Ya'll and all!)
Okay so I'm still pretty sleepy but I had a good day. Tomorrow class doesn't start until 10:30 and I only have Botany and yoga. WOOOOHOOO!!!
Love ya'll and good night! (And Mum, thanks for the advice/listening-and-not-making-fun-of-me /being my mum!)
"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." - Will Durant


Anonymous Anonymous adoringly said...

...personally, I won't take advice from anyone who doesn't ridicule me first...."Bob"

12:53 PM  

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