23 August 2005

(sigh) Yes I am that psycho

Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'... dreaming each night of its charms... I miss internet at home. Friday can't get here soon enough!
Things are moving so fast these past couple of days that my head is spinning a la the Exorcist and I'm getting a little scared. School is freaking me out. Botany and physics are just what I expected. Spanish might be even easier than I thought. Haven't been to yogalates yet. The one that is frightening me the most is Shakepeare Comedy because I am the only person in there that isn't a theatre, English, or Letters major. Is it really worth all the time I'll have to spend to make. probably, a B in that class????? EEEEEeeeeekkkkk!!! Crikey. There may be some class dropping in my near future...
In the rest of my life I'm going crazy as well. I want to go home. Home home. I miss home. Chaco puppy, I love you! (Note: things here aren't bad or even worth complaining about but I can still be just like a baby freshman and want to so home, right??? Don't I have as much possibility for patheticness? I think so...)
Hope this day sees you well and happy. Many good wishes and love ya!
"The gods too are fond of a joke." - Aristotle


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