28 July 2009

Did my last shift at Poison Control on Sunday and 2 seperate callers who thought they'd ingested spoiled food wanted to drink wine to kill off the germs; Never heard of that before! (Cannot confirm or deny that such would work...)

14 July 2009

Babysat Dawn's little boy, who is now 7 months old, this past weekend ~ He's possibly the happiest baby I've ever met!
Resigned at Poison Control today in order to focus on 4th year rotations. We'll see how that goes...

09 July 2009

Had a very chill 4th without much hassle. Staying busy at rotation. Made some salsa earlier this week...

03 July 2009

Started my 2nd rotation on Wednesday... They don't keep me quite as busy as the 1st did but still interesting... Have the day off for Independence day! Yay!