30 October 2006

Halloween Weekend Extraordinaire

Been so very busy! Had a great weekend and thought of tons of things to tell ya'll but I'll try to limit it a bit. Went to Tulsa Friday for a Kappa Psi function at a poolhall. There was quite a collection of interesting people there, not including the KY's. At one point while I was hanging out with fellow (female) pledges listening to the live band an old man that looked just like Anthony Hopkins (but with ONLY one tooth) asked all of us girls to dance. He kept at us for about two minutes until it was painfully obvious that none of us were going to say yes (in our defense he truly reeked of alcohol and we didn't want any problems), he jumped out on the floor by himself and yelled, "I wish a pretty lady would dance with me!" When he finally got done dancing alone he went back to his table and sent the waitress over to find out if any of us were 21 years old, so he could buy us drinks. Needless to say we politely declined again but it does make for a fun story. The rest of the night was fairly uneventful but very fun. Saturday saw me headed, as Southern Comfort with my boyfriend Sacramental Wine, to a fellow Pharm-1's house for a Halloween Party (the theme was Alcoholic beverages drinking alcoholic beverages). Had a lovely time and really enjoyed finally hanging out with the pharm kids outside of school. Spent Sunday just hanging out (read: NOT studying for the first weekend in forever!!!!) The weather is getting chillier. And I like it very much. Busy this week with Kappa Psi pledge stuff (so much to do still!) and studying for various tests. It's hard to get motivated since our next test isn't until next week and the really hard ones are still a couple of weeks off. Well, love and Happy Halloween to everyone!

24 October 2006


So... yay! I made a mid-B on my physio test this morning!!! Happy Tuesday indeed!

23 October 2006

Whine and Studying

Hey ya'll! I am still alive! Living it up studying renal and respiratory systems! Woo!
Just a quick whine: One of my classes is growing increasingly more and more annoying due to avoidable mistakes by the prof(s), the lame material we have to learn to be tested over (which could be given to us in passing; ie does not usually need clarifying or discussion though we DO, of course, go over it all ad nauseum at an alarmingly lethargic pace), and the attendance policy that is as rigid as it is unnecessary. Won't be naming courses specifically but suffice to say it is my very least favorite class which is really a pity because it truly has the potential to be a fun, exciting, and informative course that I had previously looked forward to taking. So boo about that.
Wish me luck with physio test tomorrow; Math test Wednesday. Love and hugs to you all and I'm very sorry that this update wasn't better or kinder. Or happier. Next one, when I get time, will be lovely, I assure you!
"One is not superior merely because one sees the world as odious." -Chateaubriand (no, really, I'm not hinting to anyone... really...)

17 October 2006

Friendships: Lost & Found

Short day of classes and feeling better. Yay! Watched about a third of the Labyrinth today before I fell asleep. Basically I'm like a four year old in that respect... But I do really love that movie. It's one of those I grew up with that still have a hold on me. Does my generation have its own David Bowie-esque icon? I couldn't tell ya who that would be... Really a shame though if we don't somehow. (Of course, there's only one Bowie but we should have someone of our generation to fill that hole in our lives... haha)
Random thoughts about friends to follow, read at your own risk... haha...
The combined bit of lore that "you're always seventeen in your hometown" and will forever run into people you went to HS with drives the next paragraph or few... Living at home definitely shows me that all the time, that no matter what I'm doing in town, I'll see someone I know. And I caught a bit of a tv show (a really lame tv show that is too campy to bear) called 'The Class' wherein members of a HS class, I assume, keep running into each other as "adults" (while still acting like stupid teens, go figure). Made me think about how our relationships in HS were so complex and silly, built up around nothing but free time to gossip about who did what and with whom. Even before that, in middle school and jr high, friendships formed and broke in a matter of weeks. Your best friend remained as the one who was a constant in your life, for at least, say, a year or so. I went through about 7 (female) friends who bore the title "best" through my 13 years of public school education. That divides out to almost 2 years each if none of them overlapped, which of course they did. Strangely, my moving on to a new best friend was never preceded by a huge fight with the former best, usually just by the passage of time forcing us to move on, either to other schools or into new circles. Very weird to think about. These days my "best" friends tend to be more on the same level I am, ideals/values and thought-wise but before, in childhood, friends were about who was on your side and played with you at recess. Simple as that. Some of my former bests now live lives worlds away from where I am in my own, funny to think we once shared the same page not to mention world. Guess that's what growing up does? Sometimes when I hear news of one of them I can't help but pause to think that could be me... we were the same, once, and I might have followed the same path. How strange would that be? Would I still be the same person, just a different situation? Or would it twist me into someone else (Think twilight zone with all those different "dimentions")?
I can't really include my best guy friends in that equation because it's not really the same with them. They were and/or are all more like brothers to me, helping me get through life in a different way than my gal pals did. (Okay, that sounds stupid to say that way but I can't verbalize it any better) Not that my girls weren't wonderful but I feel really blessed that the guys connected to my life in so many ways were of such good influence on me. Cheesy but very true. Even the few disappointing events/experiences taught lessons that could have been much worse. I'll even go "there" and admit that of all my friends from HS the ones I miss most, and get to talk to least, are my guys.
So here's to all the friends in life and the lessons they teach us.

On a slightly more creepy note, I'm somewhat liking the new show "Dexter". It is creepy but also makes me think, so I suppose it's worth watching. Anyhoo...
On to studying physiology... we're still on the kidney/renal system, just in case you were wondering. It's truly exciting.
Oh! If you, or anyone you know, would like a shi tzu dog/puppy one of my classmates found a stray and can't keep it... Apparently it's very loving and cute but she's looking for a good home for him (I think him?) since she doesn't want to take him to the Pound for fear that he'll be stuck there without a home. Let me know if you're interested??
Love ya'll and hope your week is going wonderfully!

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."- Martin Luther King Jr.

15 October 2006

Sad and study

Supposed to be studying but came across this... "Principal quits after shooting kittens" and had to stop and wonder why someone with his level of education, since obviously a school wouldn't hire someone without credentials, would do something so blatantly stupid and inhumane. Maybe I don't know all of the details of the story but I do believe that most cities/counties have animal shelters that stray animals can be taken to if they turn up at your house, school, etc. If you take animals there and there's no chance they'll live, ie way too young to survive without their mother, then the staff at the shelter will euthanize them humanely, not with a shotgun for Pete's sake. And what makes anyone think shooting anything on school property these days is a good idea???? That's a big "DUH" for ya! Don't do it!!! (If he had time to drive home to get a gun, which I hope he doesn't keep in his office at school, then he had time to take the kittens elsewhere...)
After that kind of pick-me-up I think I'll get back to studying biochem... gluconeogenesis, lipids, amino acid metabolism, uric acid cycle, and purines, oh boy!!!

"I chose the study of the synthesis of urea in the liver because it appeared to be a relatively simple problem." ~Hans Krebs, 1970 (Ha! What the heck was he thinking???)

12 October 2006

Procrastinating is fun! Try it soon for a test near you!

Good day of classes and site visit was great. (Note: I HATE it when my pharm practice profs call good sites "Fillet mignon" and bad sites "hot dogs"... it really bothers me on a deep level...)
Not feeling sick anymore, just coughing some. But no more hurting, yay!!!
In physio today I gained a real respect for my kidneys. Love your kidneys, they do SO much for you, really!!!
Public service announcements on the radio are, well, hilarious. You have the power of choice. (Just so you know, you should choose respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T! No pressure or anything...)
I love the cooler weather. It's great for wearing all the neat long sleeved shirts I got last spring and couldn't (wouldn't) wear when it was so hot.
Mum and Dad's 20-somethingth wedding anniversary is this next Monday. They're still really cute together and just quirky enough to keep me on my toes. (Ha! I called you guys cute! And quirky! But not spry. No, not yet...)
This is totally random, and really just because I'm procrastinating about studying both for pharm practice and biochem, but I saw at least 3 hitchhikers along the highway on my way home today. All male, of course, though why "of course" I couldn't say. But did they not get the memo that hitchhiking isn't the safest method of travel? I would stop and help someone like that sometime but then I'm a little gal so it's not safe for me to help them either (at least not the big burly men like I saw today) since there are so many stories of good samaritians that ended up dead samaritians by picking up the wrong person. Which brings me to another thought; I'd love to be helpful and stop for people whose vehicles are broke on the side of the road but the biggest help I could be is loaning them my cell phone to call someone who can actually help. I know CPR and some very minor first aid stuff but when it comes down to it that person would be MUCH better off with a real EMT to help him or her. Not sure what my point was there... Oh, okay I think I was along the lines of, I'll never be discovered as a hero because I never happen upon situations where I'm actually of any help to those in true need. So, yay... or something like that.
Oh, just to be even more random and slightly human again, I must complain about the 'Strangers' (nickname used to protect the innocent) that have class with us. My pharm friends and I try to be really nice to them, interact and help them with whatever we can but it's getting really hard to feel compassion for some of them... Lately, as in the last 2 days, they've left trash all over our room, had their phones ringing DURING class, spilled drinks and not cleaned it up, and, my own personal whine, one of them kept bumping my chair and invading my tiny personal space today. She just kept at it, talking loudly to one of her friends two rows up and hitting my chair with the back of her chair... Argh. And I wouldn't mind it so much if she was just friendly, say "Hi" to me when she sat down and at least appologize for accidently kicking me and nudging my notebook while I was writing (which was in my tiny 1/2 of a desk since she had my other 1/2 as well as her whole part of the desk covered with her stuff.) I don't want to be disillusioned about other future health professionals, I'm sure they will do a good job when they graduate, but I just wish some of them would improve their manners. Whine, whine, whine... I'm really so blessed that a little imposition is probably good for me, right?
This weekend is going to be all about studying Biochem. Yipee. Hope ya'll have a good one, stay warm, and have fun! Love you all!
"His imperfections flowed from the contagion of the times; his virtues were his own." of Belisarius of Byzantium by Gibbon

11 October 2006


OOOO!! I totally just bonked my head on the edge of the table... Argh! And the printer here next to me just made a sound, probably complaining because it has no toner. It happens.
School today lasted forever. Biochem teacher is hilarious though. Apparently not only is "biochem better than sex", you also "don't want to piss away all of your purines!" Who knew?? And talking about yourself in the third person is highly underrated these days, but he makes sure to do so to keep us on our toes. Yay for Biochem.
Okay, so more studying... Love ya'll!

10 October 2006

Angel wings on my shoulders and a tiara on my head

Happy rainy Tuesday!
Life is so good, ya know? We're really blessed. Thank you. I hope you have a great day!
Was at a local clothing store this morning for a quick search for some shoes and a fellow customer approached me to ask me if "we stocked any running shoes in a size five." I don't know about you all, but I don't stock anything, especially not running shoes. I would like to point out that I don't stalk shoes either. Just so we're clear on that point, I've never stalked any inanimate objects. Anyway, I guess she was confused since she acted like I was stupid for saying, "I don't work here so I have no idea." Do I look like someone who should work in a clothing store? Maybe I should? Work in a clothing store, that is. Who knows.
Site visits for school start this week. And I am just so enthused, really. Yippeee.

06 October 2006

Country weekend

Am totally loving the "Shoulda been a Cowboy" song on the country radio right now. Always makes me smile and, of course, I have to sing along, "Wearing my six-shooter, ridin' my pony on a cattle driiiiiiiivve."
Out today for OU-TX weekend and pleased as punch about it! YAY!!!!!
OOO!! Before my physio test Tuesday I was listening to the radio (country again) on the way to school... funniest song came on, "Jose Quervo, you're a good friend of mine. I like to drink you with a little salt and lime. Did I kiss all the cowboys? Did I shoot out the lights? Did I dance on the bar? Did I start any fights?" Catchiest refrain ever to hit me right before a test! Hahaha, so I was trying to think cardio or GI and ended up singing to myself about tequilla.
Love to all!

04 October 2006


I feel so hot right now. No, really. I've got an actual, abnormally high temperature! Yay for me! And other than being hot I feel pretty much normal. So weird. Let's hope this goes away overnight.
Passed another physio test. So, Yay for me again. And pledged Kappa Psi Tuesday.
Anyway, I'm getting sleepy so ya'll feel the love and have a great Thursday!

"The body may hunger for food and thirst for water, but it is absolutely voracious in its need for oxygen." ~Principles of Human Physiology

03 October 2006

Studying makes me ramble incessantly

Wow. The weekend was almost here and then it was gone, just like that! Went by sooooo fast!
Had to paint my nails yesterday because in DDS Lab I managed to dye some of my fingers pink with watermelon flavoring... When it gets in the nail polish you already have on it sticks, apparently. Who knew?
Went thrift store shopping again... Hauled in 2 pairs of pants, 2 mens shirts, and, I think, 6 womens shirts, most long sleeve, all mall brands. For about $30 even. Aren't I awesome? This time there wasn't even anything that needed fixing (last time had to rehem some cute pants). Yay for being so freakin' cheap!!!
I'm still feeling kinda yuck. I completely blame it on school and my lack of sleep in lieu of studying. But it's weird... My intercostals hurt when I breath in sometimes, never had that happen before. So instead of "bringing sexy back" I'm bringing back something cooler. Like the Plague. (Gee, I really hope not though. That would Suck beyond comprehension.)
So many things to talk about and yet none of them really hit the spot like free advertising for the new Starbuck's that's going up in the next town over from my hometown. It will be only 12-15 minutes now between their insanely expensive but very yummy coffee drinks and me. Does this count as progress???
Happy October!!! Should I dress up this year for Halloween?? I'm thinking... maybe? If there's a party to go to or something fun like that. Otherwise, I plan to slack off and probably go to bed early that night. That's pretty much my plan on any night I don't have to study these days. Very exciting times are these.
We lost our flagfootball game Sunday against the team-to-beat this year, the PT/OT upperclassmen girls. It was close, they only won by one touchdown. Not to be rude though, but some of them gals were big. They ran over our poor little blockers (neither of our blockers is over 5'5" and weight-wise very skinny) and really didn't seem to care if anyone got hurt. (Someone said they got pushed, pushed back, and got told, "You're stupid". Now I find that just hilarious. I would have made a face at her or said something smart to get really beaten up.)
Right now I'm just killing time after my 2nd physio and TB tests until Bid day for the pharm frats at lunch. Yep. Fast times at.... oooo Did I almost use that cliche?? Ouch.
Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week thus far. (Julia, I read your comment earlier but for the life of me, my brain is so shot that I can't remember what it was about nor what I meant to say in response...??? I'll get back at ya later, deal?) Love and happy thoughts!