23 October 2006

Whine and Studying

Hey ya'll! I am still alive! Living it up studying renal and respiratory systems! Woo!
Just a quick whine: One of my classes is growing increasingly more and more annoying due to avoidable mistakes by the prof(s), the lame material we have to learn to be tested over (which could be given to us in passing; ie does not usually need clarifying or discussion though we DO, of course, go over it all ad nauseum at an alarmingly lethargic pace), and the attendance policy that is as rigid as it is unnecessary. Won't be naming courses specifically but suffice to say it is my very least favorite class which is really a pity because it truly has the potential to be a fun, exciting, and informative course that I had previously looked forward to taking. So boo about that.
Wish me luck with physio test tomorrow; Math test Wednesday. Love and hugs to you all and I'm very sorry that this update wasn't better or kinder. Or happier. Next one, when I get time, will be lovely, I assure you!
"One is not superior merely because one sees the world as odious." -Chateaubriand (no, really, I'm not hinting to anyone... really...)


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