29 September 2006

Ducks of Evil Karma and Rules of Conformity

There were two ducks on the round fountain on campus today as I was walking to class. Pretty much made my morning...
This afternoon I just feel... blah. Like, not really sick and not really healthy. Not nice but not really evil. Just here and trying my most hardest to be a good person. I don't have such a high degree of this sort of feeling very often so it's rather disturbing when I do. (I truly hate the days when it takes a horrendous effort to just be pleasant. Those few days are the ones when every single idiot in the vicinity wants to talk to me and/or needs help with something. Go figure huh? So, next time anyone else feels like this, if anyone else ever does, just give me a sign and I'll stay away so you'll have one less idiot to deal with, okay? Deal? Because the rational me KNOWS that sometimes I'm a real idiot.)
Found out some more laws pertaining to being in Pharm school. Laws addressing where I can and cannot work, how, how long, for whom, and to what degree. Frustrating. I really, really want to do the best job I can, no matter where I work, but I fear that sooner or later I'm going to do something with honest, good intent and end up somehow breaking or bending the law. Not intentionally but just by virtue of the fact that there are just so darn many rules. And some of them are VERY grey, such as what constitutes "respectable" behavior. I'm sure of several things that would NOT go in this category but there are some that depend on your definition. Such as having a beer in a public bar. For some people this is completely immoral and wrong. Heck, I suppose for some people just me, as a female, being is school is immoral and wrong. So... a list of more normal questionable behaviors: Coloring my hair bright red? Getting a little tattoo, even in an easily-covered place? Betting or gambling, in any shape or form? Posing for advertising photos or what-have-you (obviously not the dirty kind) that will be in a mass distributed form? This list could go on for a while. I'm sure I'm taking it way too literally but it's strange to think that people who don't know me have such a profound effect on my life. Nothing new but still strange to think about. (Did you know that back in the one room school house days that some of the teachers' contracts stated they were to not date nor get married? They had to attend church and Sunday school. And these aren't nuns here. Anyway, totally random and barely relevant. Just thought of it and shuddered. Thanks!)
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

We talked a bit about appropriate behavior and our teacher brought up "Boating While Intoxicated"...but a couple of us thought she said "Voting While Intoxicated"...which is a rather humorous thought...might explain some election outcomes. Anyway...yes, laws/rules suck...but sometimes misunderstanding them is funny...as long as you don't get in trouble...

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