19 September 2006

Everyone Loves A Fair!!!

Man, you can really tell when I have tests right in a row; You don't hear from me for ages! Had one Friday and then today so been busy studying my brains out.
(The pictures here are Skronky's taken with his cellphone/camera, thanks babe!) Went to the Oklahoma State Fair Friday evening with Skronky, Julia, et al. It's really a blast so anyone in the area should check it out. The baby goats and piglets at the petting zoo on the way in were adorable! The llama was even shaved like a poodle; SO funny! Rode some rides, enjoyed a jug of rootbeer, looked through a couple of the buildings, enjoyed the crowd/singing at OBrien's, ran into old friends, and, of course, immensely enjoyed the people-watching since there is every stereotype imaginable there. We were there only about 20 minutes when Skronky tried his hand at one of the fairway games and won, though the carnies had to discuss in detail with a managing carnie if he won or not even though he didn't break any of the rules and paid for the chance. He, being a manly man, chose the biggest prize they had there, a big stuffed dog. It was massive. Huge. And so terribly easy to transport through the crowded fairway... Anyway, he ended up selling it to some dude near O'Brein's before we left, so yay! My boytoy is both strong and good at fairgames! (Even when he has Judo-elbow)
We stopped by and I finally got to see Julia's new apartment. It's nice. You should visit her (and bring a nice bookcase for her to put all of her HUGE notebooks in so they aren't on her pretty dining room table.)
Saturday I spend 4 hours straight through in a biochem study session up at campus. woo. Oh then we ate out at the local Chinese food place afterwhich both Dork and I ended up feeling ill due to some, possibly, catfish. We're not really sure. But it sucked. Ever wanted to end the nausea by expelling the contents of your GI tract but couldn't no matter how very much you tried??? Then you know how miserable we were Saturday night... yay for mints and coke-induced burps!!! Oh and Grey's Anatomy to keep my mind otherwise occupied!
Sunday was rainy but the sort of rainy that I love. Headed up to campus for our flag football match against the med school girls but they didn't have enough show to play so we won by forfeit. The grass was so saturated my shoes were ten pounds heavier just walking through the grass to pick up the ball that someone threw! (Sidenote: stupid me locked my keys in my car and had to have Dad come save me... of course I would pick the coldest day in September while it was rainy out! Yay! First time I've ever locked my keys in my car...) Then more studying...
If you're one of my millions of friends (ha) that I've been meaning to visit, call, email, etc... I'm so sorry to have become so wrapped up in school junk. I'm working on that... Love you still!!!
We're so blessed... in so many ways, it's amazing.


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