31 January 2005

I'm mean and cute as hell

Our OU boys came through Friday and kicked some Air Force Academy butt. Good job guys!
DJ and Mike made a snow man Friday after all that snow...
My cousin's birthday party went well. Dork didn't get there until about 2 hours after everyone else and it felt all wrong without him there. That's the part of being an older sister that I hate. Yeah, sure I had Mum and Dad all to myself for 3 and a half years but now if he isn't there it just doesn't seem right. Like, what's going on? Dork's not here so, um, everyone wait to have fun until he comes, okay? Okay.
Apparently I am a trendsetter in my family. I got cute shoes at Payless and my little cousin HAD to find a pair just exactly like them or else. Grandmum had to get a pair of earrings just like mine that I wore to her house over Christmas break because they were just darling. Everyone, ie an uncle, cousin, Dork, Dad, and Mum, has taken to wearing hoodies since I got my lovely red OU one last semester. It seems weird. I donno. I'm just that cool.
Today the bike lane was overrun again with groups of people walking so, so slowly. Effing-A don't they wonder why I'm looking at them like they're idiots? I mean, they return the look and all but do they even try to figure out why I look at them like that? It's like the more people there are on bikes that want to use the bike lane the more pedestrians wonder what's so cool about the bike lane so they try it out for themselves... Which causes those people on bikes to nearly impale themselves in attempting to not hit anyone else. I now have several bruises I did not start the day with. Thank you retarded bike-lane-taking-up-pedestrians for performing such an important service to our community. I'm sure your respective villiages are missing their idiots so now that your job is done here go home and be crazy there, far away from here. Thank you. Please don't come back. We'll forward your boring mail/bills and keep your cool catalogs. That is all.
I am so craving a Starbuck's chocolate drink thing. I think it's called a Chantico but it's heaven in a cup as far as I am concerned. Maybe after lab tonight...
My roommates and I have been working on a puzzle all weekend. Started it Friday night after a Walmart run. It still isn't done since all the easy to identify pieces are all put together and there's just a bunch of identical blue ones left. Not sure if it will ever get finished or if it will live on our coffee table forever. (Oh, and not that we drink coffee but it's called a coffee table. Should be a cocoa rice crispies table since I think that's the main thing we eat there when it isn't being taken over by a puzzle.)
I got called 'cute as hell' at work Sunday by my patient. Lucky me. This fellow can't remember what day it is, where he is, or who I am but by golly "that little gal is as cute as hell." Which begs the question, just how cute is hell after all? Nobody really wants to go there so I'm guessing not that cute. But whatever. Then his kids got there and one of them, who was old enough to be my dad, asked if I had a boyfriend. Crikey! I get this enough from my own family! When I said no his sister countered with, well, you're pretty enough, I don't see why not. Like that's all it takes! Just be cute as hell and the boys won't care if you're lacking a brain. Grrr...
Saw that Shallow Hal movie the other night. Made me think how cool the world would be if all we really saw was how beautiful a person was on the inside. Bet people would be a lot nicer to each other. Or, I suppose, ideally they would. Ideally they'd be nice now.
That's all for now. I must work on homework and reading or else the clowns will eat me... Laters!

Reason will not lead to solution
I will end up lost in confusion
I don't care if you really care
as long as you don't go ~The Cardigans

28 January 2005

HUGE post because I have so much to say!!!

Sorry for the whiny post before. Ya'll don't deserve that kind of complaining.
This week has been so crazy. So many funny things for me to talk about...
I'm 2 for 2 on breaking glassware in organic chem lab. Woohoo! Bull in a china shop!
Dawson (as in Dawson's Creek) has a brother/cousin/clone in my chem class. He was also in zoo with me last year. I'll keep ya posted on celebrity sightings...
I succeeded in CLEPing out of American Government and thus was able to drop that course Thursday. Totally made the day great. The guy administering the test was goofy and seemed to think I BSed my way through it or something since it only took me about 45 minutes of the hour and a half we have to take it. No, dude, I'm just that freakin' awesome! lol
It's kinda sad though that I dropped government class since it was looking to be my easiest class this semester. Eh, oh well.
Isn't it funny how different people eat the same things in different ways? I watched this kid eat a granola bar this morning in class (yeah, I was that bored) and he opened just the top seal of the wrapper and pushed the bar up to eat it. Me, I would have unwrapped it completely and then just used the wrapper to hold it while I ate it. I've seen people tear off the wrapper at the middle and proceed from there. Just funny that we all have different ways of doing the exact same thing. Funny and nice.
Oh my, I almost forgot! I saw a squirrel almost land on this guy's head the other day. He was walking under a tree and didn't even see the squirrel at all but it seemed all but impossible that the squirrel would miss his head. Barely did, by about 2 inches. Made me laugh out loud which caused the unwitting almost-victim to look at me like I was demented. Maybe he likes squirrels on his head.
It snowed this morning. Like crazy. And I still rode my bike to class. Was quite a great time, let me tell ya. I just loved it. My bike was covered in snow after that first class so I left it there until I was completely done with classes. By then it was mostly cleared off. Discovered a new kind of yellow snow - chalk snow is also yellow... You know, those chalkings they do on campus sidewalks about various events no one really goes to... they create yellow snow too! Made me laugh when I realized what it was. I'm so immature.
To further prove that point... I tried to put my mittens on my feet accidentally this morning. Had my shoes on the floor there and was holding my mittens and in my head I knew that something else went on my feet so I started putting mittens on my feet. They don't fit feet well. Just FYI in case you wanted to try too. lolAnother thing about this weird weather... It makes people either grumpier or happier. As I walked on campus a bunch of people had huge smiles on their faces. Now, maybe I had something on my face but I like to think it's because they're enjoying dealing with the snow too. Because, honestly, it's fun and funny. Kinda a pain to walk or drive through, true, but one of God's wonders all the same.
Just got done watching Napoleon Dynamite with my darling roommates. It was alright. Not like the best movie ever but funny none-the-less.

Hey, if you live in Norman go to the Men's Gymnastics meet tonight! It's gonna be awesome!
Do you know what trans-3,6-diethyl-2,4,4-trimethylbicyclo[4,3,1]decane-1,7-dioic acid looks like? I don't really either but I should. Supposedly learned what that was today. Who knew?
I have to wear shorts and a tee-shirt to Physiology lab next week. That's what I get for volunteering for things before finding out what else I have to do as well. Good times. I'm supposed to sit in a tent for an hour on a (either heated or cooled) mattress and let them take my temperature, blood pressure, etc. I can hardly wait.... lol The only reason I volunteer was because no one else was and I wanted to be able to leave on time. The things I do for punctuality.
We made cupcakes yesterday. They were muy yummy. We took some to Nick and Alex, Morgan didn't want any nor did FiSH. Silly boys. Took some to Carl too. He was really hurtin' from his (off-season?) workout. Apparently they had to do something called duckwalking? I'm not sure on the terminology but sounds like it might make you sore. He and Sharice are a hoot, just FYI. Love 'em to bits.
By the way, here is a good time to mention that Julia makes me be the adult much too often. I'm the middle kid here and I don't wanna be the adult. Mean ole Julia Louise. Ni. lol (I cross my eyes in your general direction!)
Physiology lab yesterday was a trip to the library to teach us how to use the library resources. We're not all at least sophomores or anything. Anyhoo it was quite funny as I ended up sitting between two sorority sisters (who happen to know several people I do... small world). One read her romance novel the whole time and the other played on Facebook. Oh, wait. That was in-between moaning about how boring and uncool this was and how they each hoped they never turned out as uncool as this librarian lady. It was boring and all but they were very adamant about how terrible it was. Funny gals. Not to be one to over-stereotype people, I will say they accepted me very quickly and were very friendly to me. (I don't know but that's not actually saying much since I look just like them, talk like they do, and am obviously from "their kind" of people. But now I just sound snobby and mean so I'll stop. I apologize.)
Talked to Henry from HS before that fun physio trip. (He graduated a couple of years before I did.) Was funny how much gossip he knew about the people we went to school with. He's something else. Started out at West Point but got hurt so came back here and is making the best of things. Reminds me somewhat of my uncle Ed. Military, blunt, and barely tactful. But funny. Good times and such a small world.
Well, now I'm off to go make dinner. Yum. Before I go, here's a link to some hilarious college quotes that I promised Julia to put in. Love ya'll!!!

It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it. - Voltaire (not sure he was talking about snow but he might have been, right? lol)

25 January 2005

Blue Tuesday

I don't have time to be writing this but I am... so there. woopah. Today has been terrible and crazy but I'm still smiling. I'm really frustrated but I know things could be so much worse. Crikey.
Okay, so I'm still alive and kicking. Dinner was good. Got to talk to mum today and Dork yesterday. Classes yesterday were long but fairly painless. yeah... well, I'll write more, probably this coming weekend. Ya'll have a great week!

Some things in this world, man, they don't make sense. Some things you don't need until they leave you, Then they're things that you miss ~Matchbox Twenty

22 January 2005

Ant indecision

What to do?!?!?!?!?!? There is an ant on my wall. Just one. I've never seen any in here before. But there is one here, on my wall in front of me, right now. He's crawling up toward my picture. What is he doing? Does he truly expect there to be food on the wall? But, the real question here is, what am I to do about it? I don't really want to kill him but I also don't want an ant in my room. Moving him outside sounds like a good idea other than that by moving him he won't find his way home and will die anyway. So what to do? I think I'll just leave him for now, seeing as he is headed upward and not anywhere near my bed. And he's the only one I've seen. Whew. Crisis dealt with.
I took the PCAT again this morning. I wasn't nervous about it at all. Rather didn't even want to take it. But I do hope I did well. Would be sucky to do worse than last time. I got done with every section really early except Chemistry (barely got that one finished). If they had let me take the test all the way through without stopping I would have been done at least an hour earlier than we were. And my essay was crap. Something about peer pressure having negative influences on the youth of America... I didn't pick the topic, obviously. So I wrote some bs about how terrible peer pressure is and how it will ruin your life and leave you whimpering on the floor in the fetal position lacking the motivation to clean up your grammar, bake apples, or play a proper round of golf. Or something like that. Maybe.
Ant is about 2 inches from the ceiling now. Just FYI.
I was going to visit Dawn today but she's busy... Laundry or something... and not at her apartment but in ER or Calumet or somewhere. I just don't really feel like hunting her down for a really short visit (plus long drive) when I could just wait, get some stuff done here that needs to be done, and then go see her for longer when she isn't busy.
"I'm a little teapot..." Actually I'm awl awone... Julia went to visit Sushi (oh and her family) and Sharice was here a bit ago but is now not here. I don't know where. Probably out selling drugs, speaking pig latin, and eating noni juice. Or buying cowboy boots. Who really knows what the youth of this generation are doing? I sure as hades don't know. I didn't get the memo/packet/parcel/post/whatever.
I should be studying. I don't want to. Ant is on the ceiling, just sitting there. I guess I could go eat something but I've been quite a pig lately and don't really need to. I'd like to cook something but then I would eat it. Crikey. I think I'll just let ya'll get back to your own lives and I'll find something more productive to do with mine... Loves ya!
"I know a girl who believes
A girl who believes
She used to be a dog" ~Dog - Dada

21 January 2005

Friday of a long week

Yeah. Okay. So. This has been an incredibly long, long, long week. Like the week that never ends. (Hey! And it still hasn't ended so who knows if it does?) I've been so busy since Tuesday...
Finished Atlas Shrugged Tuesday night late. Can I just repeat once again that I thought it was absolutely awesome? One of the type of books I really enjoy; Make you think and question things you would otherwise take for granted. If you have enough time (or can afford to make time) READ THIS BOOK!!!! If you can't find a copy or can't afford one, let me know. I'll loan you mine or buy/beg/steal/borrow one for you.
Classes on Wednesday from 8:30 until early afternoon and then back to campus for a lab from 6-9. Yuck. I hate having all these labs but I guess the upside is that I'll be a pro at writing lab reports by the end of the semester. Really all I did Wednesday was go to classes.
Thursday... Oh! Got to sleep in a little before OChem Lab at 10:30. Got done a bit early and came back here... Went on WalMart run with Julia since I was out of conditioner (and, frankly, as you must know, I CANNOT live without conditioner. It just isn't an option.) We sped through the store and made it back in just under an hour. Then my aunt picked me up to help her find her textbooks for the classes she's taking (for a health degree program... I'm not exactly sure what it is or what it's called.) Mission was successful.
Julia and I cooked dinner, made cookies, and studied for anatomy/PCAT all at the same time. We really are very talented at multitasking. (I was actually surprised at how well we accomplished that feat. lol) After dinner I organized and studied for a couple of hours. Figured out what to read for next week, supplies I need, etc. Then Julia, Mel L, and I went and saw Finding Neverland. Pretty darn good movie. I'd recommend it. Even made Julia and Mel cry. (Okay so I cried a little too, but darn it, there's a little kid crying and they show his tears in slow motion and you just can't help yourself!!!) Once we got home I stayed up to finish reading for today's lectures.
Today has been good. (This week has even been good, just long.) Classes today weren't too bad. Just there. I've signed up to possibly CLEP out of the only easy class I'm taking. American Government would be so easy after Hamilton's AP Gov't class in HS but I'm afraid with all these science courses I'll be just overwhelmed with even one more class to deal with. Whatever but I do hope I do well on that CLEP.
Guess that's all for right now. I had things to discuss but they're gone and I don't really have time anyway. Love ya'll!

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else. - Emerson

18 January 2005

Snarky cookie dough

Classes started today. Scary. Maybe I'll survive this semester. Maybe not. Either way I will have a busy, probably fun, time of it. Yea! ("When I use this pen thing it kinda confuses my mouse." My O Chem Lab Prof... what a kidder...)
The tube of cookie dough in the fridge is calling to me. Drat you Julia for making me think of it. Dinner was good. We cooked. (Chicken, rice, and peas. With black cherry Kool Aide. I know. We're totally taking over for Julia Child and Martha Steward.) Yummy. But the cookie dough has sneaky ways and is trying to seduce me. Make it stop! (Mum, you know what that means... they won't quit talking! lol)
I'm at a really great part of my book (Atlas Shrugged). I'm about 3/5 of the way done. And it's sooooooooo goood! I didn't want to put it down to go to class today. And now I feel like I'm wasting time by not reading right now. But, alas, I must do some actual homework type stuff before tomorrow. Or else. (No, really. "They" will come for me. That's the 'Or else' part.)
OOOhh! Rode my trusty steed to classes (ie biked) and quite enjoyed the brisk afternoon weather. Got stared at by some weirdo. It was one of those stares like "you're going to jump this curb sideways, horizontally, just to hit me with your badass bike and then leave me writhing on the grass as you laugh manically on your way to Hades. I know you are." Which really wasn't what I was planning on doing. Maybe the Hades part to visit Stan but not the magical jumping sideways. I'm good but not that good. Weirdo guy. Go get in your Miata and go home. This sidewalk doesn't deserve to be defiled with your blood or grey matter any more than my beautiful steed does. Woopah!
Isn't snarky a funny word. I don't know exactly that is but I doubt I would be flattered if labeled one myself.
I'm the girl and he is the guy, I never did it to be simple and wise ~Nina Gordon

17 January 2005

True Friend Promises...

Are you tired of those sissy poems that always sound good but never actually come close to reality? Well, here is a series of promises that really speaks to true friendship!

1. When you are sad ... I will get you drunk and help you plot revenge against the sorry arse bastard who made you sad.
2. When you are blue ... I'll try to dislodge whatever is choking you.
3. When you smile ... I'll know you finally got some.
4. When you are scared ... I will rag you about it every chance I get.
5. When you are worried ... I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be and to quit whining.
6. When you are confused ... I will use little words to explain things to you.
7. When you are sick ... stay away from me until you're well again.
8. When you fall .... I will point and laugh at your clumsy arse then help you up again.

Remember: A friend will help you move. A true friend will help you move a body.
You did what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better...

School, religion, war, and tires

It's Monday! MLKing Day! Yea!
Classes start tomorrow. I think my schedule is evil but the best I could get so I'm content with it. Mondays and Wednesdays are going to suck majorly so don't be surprised if I'm grumpy those days. A part of me is so aching to start RIGHT NOW and the other part is like, "Are you effing crazy? Crikey, man... Honestly, have you even looked at that fiendish course load? Urgh." So yeah, mixed feelings.
But I LOVE being back in a (real) college town. Even if I don't even leave my apartment I can tell it's a little different here. Sharice is back. I think she got here Saturday. Yea for Sharice Janice!!!!
OH! Last night, when I ought to have been asleep, I was online looking up a general summary of the Presbyterian theology. See, this all started when Julia and I went to Mass Sunday afternoon. (Good service by the way.) Got me to thinking about the differences between the Catholic beliefs and Presby ones. So I looked it up since I don't want to make up generalizations or assumptions that aren't even close to being correct. I was greatly surprised (and maybe I shouldn't have been) to find that so much of my own beliefs and views correlated with those of the PCUSA (Presbyterian Church USA). Their views on social issues, government, and, of course, faith are so like what I believe and practice. And this makes sense when one considers that I was raised predominately in the Presby church (ever since I was in Elementary school). But the strange thing is that I don't even remember those issues being discussed or taught outright. (I do remember the homosexuality issue surfacing once, since there was a nice man who wanted to be an elder and happened to be of that persuasion. I don't remember exactly what happened but I don't think he was ever on the session.) Guess encultration is subtle.
My youngest uncle, Dad's little brother who is just a year older than I am, has been sent back to Iraq for another tour (He's USMC.) His new wife and their little baby girl are staying in California on base so I won't be seeing them either. Please pray for them.
I've made up with Maroon 5 and have enjoyed them this morning. Don't know what my problem was.
My new tires still aren't in yet. I'm not happy. You hear me Justin from customer service with corks in your ears, multiple other piercings, and tons of tattoos? You said they'd be in Last Tuesday. Not this week. Urgh. I'm too impatient. Not like I really even care about getting new tires but if you say something will be in then it should be in. I can even understand a few days leeway but when it gets over a week... Whateva.

Okay, so I'm done ranting for now. Hope ya'll have a lovely week full of fun and laughter! (OOH! I found an amazingly fitting quote!)

"A religion true to its natures must also be concerned about man's social conditions. Religion deals with both earth and heaven, both time and eternity. Religion operates not only on the vertical plane but also on the horizontal. It seeks not only to integrate men with God but to integrate men with men and each man with himself." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

15 January 2005

Queen, sexy vampires, and cookie dough

It's Saturday. Whoohoo! Aren't weekends wonderful?
Watched 2 vampire movies last night with Julia after our trip for things we NEEDED! lol Yeah, if you count cookie dough and ice cream as things one needs. Muhahahaha... I was awake around 2o hours yesterday. Weird.
This is totally a self-centered thought but I really like the color of my hair. It's kinda one of those things I take for granted. What if I didn't have hair? My life wouldn't be all that different just a little less time getting ready to go in the mornings. That and doing a hair toss would just look silly. Eh, okay so I'm a bit strange. But it struck me as one of those little things I think about that keep me amused even when I'm quite bored.
I'm listening to Queen right now. They're so awesome. Guess my enculturation tells me to say that but they are. And they're terribly queer. But still have great talent and wonderful songs. Rock on!
I have so many things I need to get done. Some of them have to wait for a work day, others I'm just putting off because I either: a) dislike confrontation b) enjoy procrastination c) hate asking favors d) I'm a bit unsure of myself/my decisions sometimes or e) all of the above. Eh, I'll get over it and do what I have to but this attitude of mine makes me laugh and realize how human I truly am. Wait. Did I just say that? lol Crikey... the nice young fellows in white coats with the straight jacket should be here soon...
For once in forever Maroon 5 made me sad when I was listening to it earlier. Especially the song Not Coming Home ~ "...And does it make you sad To find yourself alone And does it make you mad To find that I have grown I bet it hurts so bad To see the strength that I have shown...". Had to turn them off after that one. And I just don't know why. Shouldn't. Perhaps I've just been listening to them too much. I'm sure that's it.
Well, laundry and dishes are done. Room is clean and bed made. Not much left for me to do other than play around and do some reading. I don't know what to do actually. But this is all I'm saying for today. Have a lovely weekend ya'll!

"I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva I'm gonna go go go!!! There's no stopping me!!!" ~Don't Stop Me - Queen

13 January 2005


WoRk sucks. WOrk sucks. WorK sucky, sucky, sucks. Yeah it does. But I'm still kickin' so guess it's all groovy and the pay is, maybe, worth it.
I'm really enjoying my current read, Atlas Shrugged. It's very awesome thus far (I'm at 287 of 1069). Yea! I like the neat blend of philosophy and a good story plot.
Just went with Julia this afternoon to get books for classes next week. Urgh... nearly $350 for books and that doesn't include the lab manuals I'll need for 2 of my labs. Vileness.
You Are the Enthusiast

You are outgoing and playful - always seeing the happy side to life.

You're enthusiastic and excitable.

You love anything new.

Multi-talented, you do many things well... and find success easy.

You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you.

Yeah, things like that are silly but, hey, have to include a few every now and then to remind ya'll that I'm still a silly little girl. There ya go. (Dork-"No, there YOU go!")
Now for something completely different... IT'S!!!!
1)Spell out your name with bands:
  • M-Maroon 5
  • I-Incubus
  • S-Stephen Speaks
  • T-Tears for Fears
  • Y-Yellowcard
2) Have you ever had a song written about you? Not that I know of
3) What song makes you cry? The only one I'll admit to is Butterfly Kisses
4) What songs makes you happy? Out of My League by Stephen Speaks
5) What do you like to listen to before bed? Maroon 5
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a p p e a r a n ce:
HEIGHT: 5'4"
HAIR COLOR: light brown
SKIN COLOR: white as white
EYES: mostly blue most of the time
PIERCINGS: 3 total in ears
WHAT'S THE WEATHER LIKE? Cool and clear, pretty
HOW ARE YOU? pretty great here
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~d o y o u:
HAVE A BAD HABIT?: plenty of them...
GET ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS?: Totally. We're close
LIKE TO DRIVE?: sometimes
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~h a v e y o u:
RAN AWAY FROM HOME: I don't remember ever doing that... I donno?
SNUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE: Yeah, sorta... does to go to work count? lol
EVER GONE SKINNY DIPPING: Whatever you think you're probably right
MADE A PRANK PHONE CALL: Yeah, so? Pretty fun when done w/ accents
USED YOUR PARENTS' CREDIT CARD BEFORE: yeah, kinda the whole point of them giving it to me...
FELL ASLEEP IN THE SHOWER/BATH: not since I was very young
BEEN IN A SCHOOL PLAY: yeah, you could say that... (like 6+ in HS)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l o v e:
GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND?: Bf would be the choice and no is the answer
CHILDREN: maybe someday but no time to be a good parent right now
CURRENT CRUSH: Wouldn't you love to know?
HURT?: Well, yeah I guess so, but it was mutual
GONE OUT WITH SOMEONE YOU ONLY KNEW FOR 3 DAYS: No (only knew him a day...jk)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~r a n d o m:
DO YOU HAVE A JOB: yeah... urgh
WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: little silly things that noone else sees...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t:
TIME YOU CRIED?: From laughter - just last week, from sadness/frustration - last spring
YOU GOT A REAL LETTER?: December before heading home - from my cousin
THING YOU PURCHASED: textbooks for this semester... bleck...
But if tomorrow my number should be called, I won't be sad, I won't feel bad at all ~Nina Gordon

11 January 2005


Let's see... last post was Sunday... That evening I watched Der Krieger Und Die Kaiserin (The Princess and the Warrior)... in German with English subtitles. (ooh! And there's a very nice looking fellow, Benno Furmann! >>) Was a nice movie. Strange sometimes but nice overall.
Monday was pretty good. Didn't really accomplish all that much. Got some groceries. That evening watched Troy with a friend. I really like that movie but probably drove my movie buddy to craziness by talking a bunch during the film. I guess I tend to do that during movies I've already seen. Apologies. (BTW your mum makes wonderful cookies. Did I mention that already?)
Sorry to anyone who is offended by the vandal on my chatterbox thing. It isn't me and I do try to catch that stuff as soon as I can. (And to my vandal: I honestly don't care if you mock me or even use my sn, just please stop with the profanity. It's vulgar and lacks creativity. Sure, I'm a bitch and shallow but why not utilize your brain cells and call me something like a frigid, narcissistic succubus who has a spot awaiting her in Hades? See? No profanity needed and still get across the basic message. Oh, and thank you for such loving compliments.)
I got one of those electric toothbrush things for Christmas and just set it up, etc. Used it for the first time recently. It's hilarious. Makes brushing my teeth so much more fun. 2 whole minutes of trying not to laugh. And they're not kidding when they say you should keep it in your mouth until it's turned off or toothpaste will fly everywhere. Trust me on that one. I had toothpaste all over my shirt, the mirror, my face, and the bathroom in general. Who knew such a tiny amount of toothpaste could cover so much area? See. That's what I get for not following directions. Oh, I read them, true enough. But chose not to listen. lol Bet there's still some toothpaste hiding in my bathroom that I missed.
Guess that's it for now. Have a lovely Tuesday ya'll!
If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all. - Noam Chomsky

09 January 2005

long ramble...

Howdy. Que pasa? Privette. Menazevoutte Meestee. Cogdilla? Niz Nigh Euw?
Eh, obviously that's just me being silly as a cheetah without spots. Or crazy as such. Whatever.
I'm back at the apartment. Being scared by the evil, possessed ice making function on the fridge. Forgot that I turned it on and it frightened me because I thought someone was in Sharice's room. But no. I'm just insane and forgetful.
Oh! And the heater here hates me. It might be on, it might not be on... Either way it isn't doing me a bit of good since my feet are still blocks of ice encased in 2 pairs of socks, surrounded by my lovely blanket. (Julia, how many boys would it take you think? lol Is still my jurisdiction, right?) Anyhoo...
Had to work today since they needed someone and I wasn't really planning on doing anything. (Well, other than sleep in and have fun. phoo! Who needs that?) My little old lady wasn't really much trouble. Though she did want a coke and ice cream instead of lunch. Cracked me up because she didn't seem the junk food type. Then her son showed up and was pretty much annoying. His sense of sarcasim was over developed and misplaced. When the poor woman asked where she was he said the Presidental suite at the Hilton in Florida! How mean is that? I think he only took it back and told the truth because I was there staring at him like he was insane. She didn't really know the difference but why tell her that? That's just mean.
I'm listening to John Mayer at the moment. Good stuff. Saw Vanilla Sky last night. Very good and very different from what I initally expected. Dad would have seen it coming but I just got dragged under and ended up surprised. Eh, good times.
Guess that's about all I wanted to discuss... well... No, it isn't.
One of my friends on his/her online journal wrote about how shallow people need to grow up and look past the outside of others. To which I completely agree. But it was also implied that looks have no place in this world whatsoever. I have a small thought on that one. Obviously it would be great if no one was shallow and all but the truth is, doesn't it feel nice to be complimented once in a while? I'll be straight up with it, I do like knowing that I'm not hideous and frightening to small children. (Not that I'm fishing for a compliment... I'm confident enough in myself - ie narssistic- that I don't need you to do that for me... ) Not looking for a mutual-appreciation party. Just saying, yes, I know everyone is beautiful on the inside somehow and some of the prettiest people are rotten at the core, but 'looks/shallowness' has it's other side. It's what attracts you to the opposite sex (or whatever you like, I suppose) and it's part of what makes life nice. Honestly, there are boring classes and tedious days I don't know if I could have gotten through had there not been someone pleasant to look at or talk to. (No, I'm not a stalker or whatever. You know what I mean or you can imagine, right?) It isn't the person on the outside that will be friends with you anyway, it's that person on the inside. So why condemn them for being decent looking and write them off as shallow or self-absorbed? Perhaps I took this too far and in the wrong direction but it made me think and this is the result of my thinking. lol
Hope ya'll have a great week!
(and following in the vain line of thought...)
It's been a bad day, please don't take my picture,
It's been a bad day, please
It's been a bad day, please don't take my picture,
It's been a bad day, please ~REM

06 January 2005

pontificating about nothing

Not a ton going on. Worked a couple of days, off a couple. Yucky, icy weather. All in all, a great time was had by most. My driveway is still the worst patch of 'road' to drive on here. Sad but true.
Visited Grandmum twice this week thus far. She's a hoot. I can't even begin to tell you all she chattered about to me, would take far too long to recount all the intricate details. Suffice to say it was funny, interesting, and quite worth it. (I also heard more family gossip, which, of course, is why I spend so much time with her... Have to know what's going on in the family, right? lol Turns out I'm not the most rebellious kid in our clan. Who knew?) She's even left off bugging me about not having a bf (for now anyway; Work on the kid slowly and it'll work better/faster... or something like that... lol).
I've started reading "Atlas Shrugged." I'll let you know how it goes. Hope to finish before school starts back but that might just not happen. Have heard it's pretty good; Different anyway.
So many funny things happen in my daily life. Wish I could remember so I could tell ya'll but I laugh and then forget. Oh well, I still have fun. Hope you do too.
If you really want a laugh go check out Ryan's xanga page from a couple of days ago... about disc golf... quite a hoot, I promise. Or there's this story from Miss Doxie which I found to be rather funny... Stan... Whew! I always did wonder why Stan/Satan/Santa were all so close in spelling...
At least Stan hasn't taken over my computer recently though I did have fun loading my antivirus software stuff. Awesome part of a great day, let me tell ya!
I know this has been the shiznit (ie the best junk you've read all day/all year) and all but there really isn't much happening here. Recovering from the Orange Bowl takes some time. Talk to ya'll later! Love and best wishes!
"I go about my business, I'm doing fine. Besides, what would I say if I had you on the line? Same old story, not much to say..." ~Jewel

01 January 2005

Happy New Year's Day!

Don't forget to eat your black-eyed peas today! May this year be your best EVER!!!!
I had a great time New Year's Eve. Headed down to Norman to see FiSH, Donald, Houston, et al. Who knew those KA boys were so much fun? lol ("Mia, will you marry me?" "He's a jealous lover, yes, he is." "So she's cheating on you? Again?" "It's my Ficus tree, I'll eat it if I want to.") Steffan and Jamie (from HS) came down from OSU too. Donald's gf Courtney was there as well (we were in ballroom dance together. She's a hoot, in a good way, of course.) Donald and FiSH were both wearing pink shirts, though FiSH's was much more pink. Good times. Did kinda suck being underage when they all walked to Brother's but since FiSH is only a coupla months older than me he couldn't go either (all the rest were over 21, and here I am not even 20.lol That's what I get for having friends older than I.) We watched Vanilla Sky until they all got back around midnight. Watched TV and talked until late and then I went on back to the apartment. Slept in late and drove back home this morning. I think that's enough. Don't want to incriminate anyone with the unabridged version of our shenanigans. Muhahahaha....
I didn't mention earlier that Monday I had another Lindsay Lohan "compliment," at work this time. At least they didn't know anything about her so they weren't exactly calling me a skank. Good times.
Mum's Freecell hand-held game died earlier today. I wasn't there for the last few minutes but I was told it went out fighting but at peace with the world. Services will not be scheduled since Mum unceremoniously dumped it in the trash. She and Dork are out looking for a new one. Why must those we love leave us so soon? lol
Here's a nerd test for those of you who like that kind of thing. I scored a 40% in case you need a reference point. (But keep in mind I have had college chem, physics, and organic chem as well as growing up in a house with a high computer density so I have a head start on the nerdiness.)
"Reason will not lead to solution, I will end up lost in confusion" ~ The Cardigans