15 January 2005

Queen, sexy vampires, and cookie dough

It's Saturday. Whoohoo! Aren't weekends wonderful?
Watched 2 vampire movies last night with Julia after our trip for things we NEEDED! lol Yeah, if you count cookie dough and ice cream as things one needs. Muhahahaha... I was awake around 2o hours yesterday. Weird.
This is totally a self-centered thought but I really like the color of my hair. It's kinda one of those things I take for granted. What if I didn't have hair? My life wouldn't be all that different just a little less time getting ready to go in the mornings. That and doing a hair toss would just look silly. Eh, okay so I'm a bit strange. But it struck me as one of those little things I think about that keep me amused even when I'm quite bored.
I'm listening to Queen right now. They're so awesome. Guess my enculturation tells me to say that but they are. And they're terribly queer. But still have great talent and wonderful songs. Rock on!
I have so many things I need to get done. Some of them have to wait for a work day, others I'm just putting off because I either: a) dislike confrontation b) enjoy procrastination c) hate asking favors d) I'm a bit unsure of myself/my decisions sometimes or e) all of the above. Eh, I'll get over it and do what I have to but this attitude of mine makes me laugh and realize how human I truly am. Wait. Did I just say that? lol Crikey... the nice young fellows in white coats with the straight jacket should be here soon...
For once in forever Maroon 5 made me sad when I was listening to it earlier. Especially the song Not Coming Home ~ "...And does it make you sad To find yourself alone And does it make you mad To find that I have grown I bet it hurts so bad To see the strength that I have shown...". Had to turn them off after that one. And I just don't know why. Shouldn't. Perhaps I've just been listening to them too much. I'm sure that's it.
Well, laundry and dishes are done. Room is clean and bed made. Not much left for me to do other than play around and do some reading. I don't know what to do actually. But this is all I'm saying for today. Have a lovely weekend ya'll!

"I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva I'm gonna go go go!!! There's no stopping me!!!" ~Don't Stop Me - Queen


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