01 January 2005

Happy New Year's Day!

Don't forget to eat your black-eyed peas today! May this year be your best EVER!!!!
I had a great time New Year's Eve. Headed down to Norman to see FiSH, Donald, Houston, et al. Who knew those KA boys were so much fun? lol ("Mia, will you marry me?" "He's a jealous lover, yes, he is." "So she's cheating on you? Again?" "It's my Ficus tree, I'll eat it if I want to.") Steffan and Jamie (from HS) came down from OSU too. Donald's gf Courtney was there as well (we were in ballroom dance together. She's a hoot, in a good way, of course.) Donald and FiSH were both wearing pink shirts, though FiSH's was much more pink. Good times. Did kinda suck being underage when they all walked to Brother's but since FiSH is only a coupla months older than me he couldn't go either (all the rest were over 21, and here I am not even 20.lol That's what I get for having friends older than I.) We watched Vanilla Sky until they all got back around midnight. Watched TV and talked until late and then I went on back to the apartment. Slept in late and drove back home this morning. I think that's enough. Don't want to incriminate anyone with the unabridged version of our shenanigans. Muhahahaha....
I didn't mention earlier that Monday I had another Lindsay Lohan "compliment," at work this time. At least they didn't know anything about her so they weren't exactly calling me a skank. Good times.
Mum's Freecell hand-held game died earlier today. I wasn't there for the last few minutes but I was told it went out fighting but at peace with the world. Services will not be scheduled since Mum unceremoniously dumped it in the trash. She and Dork are out looking for a new one. Why must those we love leave us so soon? lol
Here's a nerd test for those of you who like that kind of thing. I scored a 40% in case you need a reference point. (But keep in mind I have had college chem, physics, and organic chem as well as growing up in a house with a high computer density so I have a head start on the nerdiness.)
"Reason will not lead to solution, I will end up lost in confusion" ~ The Cardigans


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