15 December 2004

Moi? But of course...

Melissa is so silly...~>
Dork is now fully licensed and ready to drive solo according to the state of Oklahoma DMV. Scary thought, huh? I know you're worried... lol
I have the worst case of procrastination ever known to man or beast. I do not feel like studying OChem and am rebeling by writing this... I suck because I know I need to study and will eventually study but I won't like it. Been trained too darn well...
My eyes are blue today. I know, you're wondering, "Well, when weren't they?" Well, dear, just earlier this week they were almost green. I don't understand this concept of blue eyes changing back and forth to different colours. Seems weird to me. But mine apparently do just that. Who knew?
Watched a ton of trash tv at work today. Got so sick of it I actually outlined a few chapters in my OChem book. That's pathetic...
Christmas is almost here. Are you ready? Am I? I bet both answers start with an "N"... (though yours might be "Never would I wait so late to start shopping and getting into the Christmas mood!" Mine sure isn't that... lol)
Well, folks that's all I have for now. Hope you have a safe and smart Wed/Thurs/Fri! Love you!
Smile like you mean it ~ The Killers


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