05 December 2004

Re: Sunday...

Guess I should start back at Friday. I went to class as usual. Organic was evil since we’d just had that test the night before. Learned even more junk. Physics was rather stupid since we had a substitute professor since Abbott was gone. Sharice picked a great day to miss. Ranisha, Josh, and I mostly ignored him after we figured out that he was talking and writing (in un-seeable green ink) too fast. Just got too darn frustrating to keep up. Laughing at everything was much more fun. (“Yeah, sports are definitely Sharice’s forte.” “Yeah, true. Ya know, I don’t really have a forte…Where was I went they were handing out fortes?” “Um, I don’t know… Where were you?” -- I know this doesn’t sound funny but it made me laugh so hard b/c Ranisha honestly didn’t know where I was then… she wasn’t just making fun… lol)
Made it here around 2ish… played on the computer until Julia and I decided to make our Wal-Mart run and rent some movies too. (Sharice went home this weekend, so don’t think we’re leaving her out on purpose.) Wal-Mart Friday was hilarious. ‘Ran into’ one of the old men I had to dance with Thursday at the Snow Ball and he said hello to me by name. Then Julia and I checked out the same guy as we headed toward the frozen stuff. He had really nice legs. It’s weird that I noticed him since I don’t usually go around checking out guys’ legs. Thus you know he must have had some awesome legs.
Not long after, we were searching for superglue so Julia could “glue the rhinestones back onto her phone” and we weren’t really sure where it was kept… Ended up on the Office supplies aisle looking a tad confused since we still didn’t see it… Then our Knight in shining armor (Er, a Wal-Mart vest) showed up and offered his assistance since we “looked so lost.” Oh, a real man to help us poor little girls! Thank heavens! Turns out he didn’t know where it was either. He had to ask the little old lady that was passing by with a box of paper. Then, when superglue was reported to be located in the terrible, dangerous next-aisle-over he offered his services in guiding us through and procuring superglue for the poor damsels in distress. Julia said it looked like he and I were racing to see who could find the glue first. She was dying laughing as she pushed the cart behind us. I, in my quest for glue, was smiling huge since I was really fighting off the giggles until I was far enough away that he wouldn’t think I was laughing at him. Too funny…
Next, as we were looking for a line to check out in, I spotted Legs guy again and motioned to Julia… She apparently looked up at him just as he turned around and she got caught “checking him out.” Lol. After we paid, etc. and loaded the stuff in the car I turned to take the buggy back to the proper place. I never made it that far. Wal-Mart cart pusher guy in dark shades stepped up quickly and offered to help me. Old ladies all over the place with empty carts needing help and I alone get help from dark shades guy. Is it wrong of me to be a little weirded out by that?
[At some point in here I'm a little confused... Friday and Saturday are a little mixed... sorry for that, but then I am insane. I've been having trouble with work too so not sure what's what...]
Got back here without much further incident. Watched 3 movies straight in a row: Dirty Dancing – Havana Nights, Ella Enchanted, and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. My favorite was Eternal followed closely by Ella. Dirty Dancing was ok but couldn’t really compete with the other two. Dirty Dancing was just too predictable. Eternal really made me think. Ella made me laugh. Good times.
Ended up bored after the movies so we went driving around Norman, taking pictures of weird things, trying to get lost, and looking at Christmas lights. Drove through a humongous cemetery around midnight. Was really fairly creepy. I know if I had seen anyone there in the dark with that weird moon out that I would have screamed like the little girl I am. Needless to say it was quite fun.
Saturday was rather lazy. Woke up late (making up for all those nights I only got 5 hours of sleep). Got dressed and watched some TV. Played on the computer. Went to Mass with Julia. (Good sermon even though it was really simple. Made me think. Talked about the fire burning off the chaff during harvesting wheat… The chaff isn’t us or the bad ones among us but instead the chaff is our sins that God takes away from us to make us better. Isn’t that insightful or at least a happy thought? I like it…)
Made dinner. Watched part of the OU-Colorado game. Sharice got here really late. That’s about it for Saturday. This morning nothing has really happened other than me being miffed at my place of employment. Good times.

"Playing with the queen of hearts, knowing it ain't really smart; The joker ain't the only fool who'll do anything for you" ~ Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

Yeah I really liked the sermon too. I like the idea that God takes away our sins and they are burned...not us. But then it made me think does that mean no one burns in hell...just our sins do? Cuz that would be kinda cool. I also liked how he was talking about when he no longer find joy in putting others down it's God moving us forward and all those examples like that. Really made me think of how I've changed in a different way.

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