01 December 2004

Friends are great for talking about

It really doesn't feel like Wednesday. Feels rather like it should be Thursday... huh...
(Monday's dance class went alright... Was at the Commons instead of the Ballroom as usual. Really different feel to the class in that different setting. Who knew? It's getting colder... Tuesday was pretty good. I got most of the stuff on my list for the day done. Physics group problem went well. Turned in EVIL journal thing in POTW. Started the Odyssey in Myth. Got to see my shows yesterday even though I ought to have been studying instead. Was a really jam packed episode of One Tree Hill. Like, all the things they've been leading up to finally happened, or started to really happen. Made dinner with Julia. We really have too much fun doing junk like that; it just isn't right. lol Organic this morning was boring and a real challenge to keep awake in. I just skipped physics class today since he's just reviewing and going over examples. Easy stuff. Mucho thanks to Sharice for taking my clicker for me! You Rock!!!)

I've decided to catch ya'll up on some of my friends...
AK is doing well. Has a new gf, isn't going to school, and is working at a pizza place.
Dawn's doing alright but praying for her is always a good idea. She seems to do things with the express purpose of worrying me sometimes. Can't explain it any other way. lol Her Josh is doing alright I suppose. I'm not too happy with him right now but then he isn't my SO. Marie is still cute as ever. She's a whole year old now!
I think DJ's still rocking in Stillwater. He's back with Jaymi. He and Mike have a new cat, named either Cat or Spaz depending on who you ask. Mike (and his Allie) are doing great. Keeping busy, etc.
My Dork is doing alright. Is running the light board for the HS play this week. Lucky duck gets to miss class all week! I couldn't go but wish him all the best. Play time with Crider is always crazy. lol
FiSH says he's doing fine. Busy with school, work, and frat (& partying). His little sister was in a car accident, though, this week sometime. She's ok but a little bruised up and the vehicle was totalled. Poor kid, she just started driving a few months ago... Sucks.
Jen is doing alright. Going crazy from studying organic chem though.
Julia said something about being scrumtrulesent. You should ask her. Bug her a bunch. She likes it. Really. lol Sharice is keeping busy with work and school. And putting up with her fun roommates... lol Mel L is doing well, I think. Silly as ever, I know that much. Studying hard like the good kid she is.
Julie apparently has a new fella. I don't know much about the situation but I'm sure it's all good.
Mel V seems to be doing pretty well. She said it snowed in Weatherford... yesterday maybe? Good times I'm sure.
Haven't seen Morgan lately but I hear he's doing great. Same with Sean and TP. Carl is all better and, I assume, doing well. Maybe I need to get to calling people more often... lol
Sushi is currently living in Okarche. He went home for Thanksgiving and decided to stay for the rest of the semester.
So, I think that's enough procrastination for now. Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your respective weeks. Love ya!

I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul rememb'ring my good friends. -- Shakespeare


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