27 November 2004

Saturday high

I'm finally alive enough and nonbusy enough to write! Yea!
This week has been so very busy. Nice busy. Monday I did go to dance class; about half of the class didn't show up. lol Wish I had thought of that . . . Nah, I went because I was in Norman anyway and might as well got to class, right? Was as enjoyable as ever. (Ugh... except the old man finally caught me. I've been pretty good at avoiding having to dance with him and just slacked off a little, thus I got caught. And it was for the Waltz too (which lasts forever and he thinks he's terribly wonderful at)! {quietly sobs in remembrance})
Tuesday I woke up at 0800 as usual then couldn't fall back asleep even though I didn't need to get up until about 0900 and then just to take Sharice to campus. Since I couldn't sleep I did my laundry so there would be one less thing to have to do when I got home. Then packed for the week. POTW was my only class. Evilness... He planned it so that we would have to be there to turn in a quiz, do peer evaluations, and listen to other groups present. I so would have skipped if it was just my grade at stake but for the peer evals the entire group had to be there. Isn't that just cruel? Anyhoo, I went and then left for home as soon as I got my stuff packed into the truck. Drive was long since there was so much traffic. (I got honked at in hometown by someone... Was a little freaked out since I have no idea who it was; Hope it wasn't someone I should have known. Waved just in case, of course.)
Cleaned house a little. Had some friends over for ice cream and pizza. Got to see Marie! She was a little cranky but still very cute. AK and FiSH were there, as well as Julia, Mel V, and Dawn et al. Nice to get to see some of my 'peeps.' (yeah, would have been better if we'd invited the Captain... lol) (Oh! And Josh and FiSH were twinkies! How freakin' funny is that?)
Wednesday I baked pies (cherry and butter-scotch pecan) and cleaned up from Tuesday. Went to Dover for Thanksgiving with Mum's side. Interesting.
Thursday helped with cooking and cleaning (again. How do we get the house so messy?) before Dad's side showed up at around noon. Ate and talked the rest of the day with family (last ones left around 2300). Played lots of Trivial Pursuit, pool, Uno, etc. Good times.
Spent all of Friday working on effing journal for POTW. Seriously, almost 14 hours. Bunch of crappola. But now I'm done. All I have to do is print and glue. Yea!!!!
Listening to Discovery Times show about Custer's Last Stand that Dad is watching and sporatically commenting on. Must admit I have little sympathy for Custer since he had just previously massacred an entire peaceful villiage of women, children, and old people. Rather interesting show, though, since they use crime scene-esque techniques to figure out "what really happened". Would be a cool job to have.
There's a new Foamy cartoon but it isn't, like, the best one ever... Also new Vendetta and Charlotte, which is, admittedly, pretty good.
Huh, well I think it's time for me to get ready to go visiting and, perhaps, shopping if I feel like it later. Supposed to put the Christmas stuff up sometime today... don't know when though...
Hope ya'll have a great weekend!!!

Never complain and never explain. - Benjamin Disraeli


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