14 November 2004

Irritable isn't the newest fad, is it?

Weekend was pretty good. Went to the OU-Nebraska game (ended 30-3 in favor of OU of course) here Saturday with my little Dork. Was miserably cold and wet. Rather sucked but we toughed it out (er, well, for a while. Left before the game was over since we're both wusses. Plus had to drive Dork back home in the dark and figured waiting until there were a million people all over Norman was a bad idea. So, yeah, we're big wusses.) Worked this morning. It was work and I earned my pay today, I promise you that. Got back here a bit late and had to rush around to make it to my group meeting on time. Barely made it on time... was so glad since I hate being late. It sure didn't help that it was raining but I overcame said obstacle and rocked my poster all the way into the meeting. Oh YEAH!
Okay, so I can feel myself getting irritable (yet I'm happy right now? wtf mate?) and just itching for a fight or at least the chance to be mad at someone/thing. Not that I have any reason or anyone to pitch into (that deserve it), just getting that feeling that I need to release some steam... Hope I don't go crazy on anyone. That wouldn't be good, would it? Because I know I enjoy being around people who get pissy for no reason. Bet it would make me wildly popular...
OOoohh! I had to do some research in the library for a project and ended up having to search around in the old glass-floored stacks, ya know, the old, scary part? It was truly freaky since I could hear other people talking but had no idea where they were and then *bam* they were right there next to me. There are books in that part of the stacks that haven't been checked out since the 1920's. Isn't that strange? I find it very interesting though. Very, very old books, let me tell ya... Argh. And when I needed to get a copy of a newspaper for my personal fieldwork journal (for peoples of the world) all of the copiers in that area were being mean. I went to 4 different 'stations' before I located one that would condescend to let me use it. Evil things. That or someone just wanted to watch me get exasperated. They did a good job of it too, if that was the case. lol Conspiracy theory...
Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me... wouldn't that be fun? To just leave the world that you know and go somewhere completely new and just live there? I mean LIVE. Would be awesome. Wish I wasn't such a scaredy cat so that I could. But, unfortunately, I'm too much of a realist/responsible person to ever really do such a thing. I guess, that is, unless I lost everything that mattered to me. Then I wouldn't have anything to leave behind. I'd be free!
Well, I should get back to studying... such is my exciting life... Hope ya'll have a great week!

Everything comes gradually and at its appointed hour. -Ovid


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