04 November 2004

You think you're chocolate but, really, you're chewing gum...

There may be problems with this blog again... It doesn't always load the entire page... huh... and I'm stuck at 79 posts this time, instead of 70... interesting...
Classes are still happening. And I'm going but can't promise I'm learning all that much... Maybe so though, since I only missed one (of 25) on my Mythology quiz (and I had had that question down to 2 answers; the correct one was the other choice I considered...) from Tuesday. We basically didn't even have myth today since she just handed back the quizzes and let us go. Nice.
This Anthropology class (peoples of the world) is turning out to be a heck of a lot more work than I had anticipated and it's rather maddening... this is a 2000 level class, it shouldn't take this much outside work and, yet, here I am doing more than 5 hours of work a week outside of class for it, not including the reading and studying time. Three hour credit class that takes more time than I do for either physics or organic chem? That's bull shiite... this isn't even required for my major, just fulfills one of the gen. ed.'s I need. Grrr... anyway, it would be very cool and interesting if not so much junk involved...
Worked yesterday. Went alright, as well as to be expected. Little old man was adorable with his little dog beanie baby. The respiratory therapist and I had a long conversation about everything... We've worked together a long time now and hardly ever see each other (not to imply that we're good friends, just both enjoy talking incessantly). That's the way it is with most of the people I work with; go months without seeing them and then just pick up where we left off. Nice and sad at the same time. I would love to have some co-workers I see every day and have a chance to be good friends with instead of these bits of acquaintances. (Granted, I would hurt some of them if I had to work with them more often; I really am annoyed by incompetence and laziness. For the most part, though, it would be nice.) My favorites right now are the aforementioned RP guy and Joel the PT guy who helped me with the dirty old man over this last summer. They're married and have kids, etc but they're great for talking to since they don't act all weird around me. It's nice.
Did I ever mention how goofy I am? Today in class one of my group guys smelled really good. I still don't know which one exactly but I had it narrowed down to 2 of them... (Don't you dare ask how I did the narrowing... just know that it was subtle and no one caught on to what I was doing... lol) either the one directly behind me or the one to my left; maybe both? So, yeah, I had trouble concentrating in class. To keep myself occupied I made lots of sarcastic/funny comments to my little group. Didn't ever get caught, which is surprising since I sit very near the front and he is always getting on to other people for talking farther back in the crowd. Since I always laugh in class I guess he just thought I was enjoying his lecture or something... yeah, right, that was it. Totally.
The villiage idiot was in class today and thought that wasting 20 minutes of our lives asking questions relevant only to him personally was a great idea. Yes, you must go to the writing lab. No, we don't care what your major is, who else you ask to read your paper, or how many books you have had published. Just go to the wretched lab and be done with it. The rest of us must go and, thus, have no sympathy for your inane attempt to get out of doing what is required. Ignore what they say if it offends your huge ego but just freaking go and quit asking questions that have already been covered/are in the syllabus. Or don't go and just take a point deduction. It's that simple. Really.
So, yes, I truly am the most patient person in the world. And I never complain or gripe about others' shortcomings. I'm above that sophomoric behavior and am offended that anyone would think such of me. lol
Oh! My bike is sick. I've borrowed Julie's until mine can get to the doctor or the morgue (in which case I'll be adopting soon... lol). I'll keep ya'll posted as I know you really care about my poor bike.
Alright, I'm done. Need to go work on more homework stuff. Wish me luck. [Or just bring me a BFK/gun so I can end this charade already. j/k; sorta] Ya'll take it easy!

The more I know, the less I understand All the things I thought I figured out, I have to learn again ~Don Henley


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