01 November 2004

Irrationality on Monday...

Yea! I have found my newest irrational crush... his name is Chase and he's in my dance class. OMG he's awesome... and not really at dancing; he is very confident about it though so it seems like he is... but I know it's going to work... it has to because he's so handsome, not a jerk, and smells great. Those are very important qualities, ya know. Okay, I really am just kidding about being totally in like but he is nice and does smell great. I have to act silly sometimes so ya'll don't accidentally forget that I'm human and all...
Today has been pretty good to me. Nothing bad at all. Saw several people from my hometown. That is totally strange since I never see them at any other time then *bam* all at once... Raven, Manisha, Houston, Jonathan all in one day. How freakin' crazy is that? Guess that really isn't that many but it was totally all within 2 hours...
I still have tons of homework... ergh... Talk to ya'll later...
HEY! GO VOTE TOMORROW! I am going to... see ya there!

I WANT: too much, too fast
I HAVE: much more than I will ever deserve.
I WISH: we could be happy forever
I MISS: my friends even when they're with me
I FEAR: that I'll wake up one day to find myself in a nightmare life that I hate and can't escape
I HEAR: the voices in my head saying "go to sleep." And I should listen to them...
I WONDER: what people really, honestly think of me
I REGRET: more than you'd ever guess, probably not the things you would guess anyway
I LOVE: life
I ALWAYS: expect too much of myself and too little of others
I AM NOT: the person I want to be (yet)
I DANCE: whenever I can, sometimes when I can't
I SING: loudly, off-key, and all the time
I CRY: never in public due to anything other than laughing
I WRITE: to make myself listen
I WIN: when others think it's important
I LOSE: mostly when I really want it but no one else knows or cares
I CONFUSE: a few people but more often myself
I SHOULD: get off this computer and into bed to sleep
I HATE: not always being as happy as I act like I am
3 THINGS I AM OFTEN COMPLMENTED FOR: my hair, my eyes, and my sense of humor

"No one but the pure in heart
May find the golden grail... oh oh oh oh
Flash! Flash, I love you!" ~Queen


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