27 October 2004

La belle dame sans regrets

It rained again today. Strangely, it was a nice rainy day, as opposed to those not so nice, rather dreary rainy days. [I keep wanting to type rainly. Not sure why as that doesn't make sense.]
But, yeah, it's rainy and thus perfect for making chocolate chip cookies with Julia, which we did a couple of hours ago. Since then I've been working on homework and enrollment for next semester, and frankly I must admit making cookies was much more fun and imaginative.
So what's it called when you really feel a strong urge to make or do something creative? I know wanting to travel is wanderlust so is the aforementioned creativelust? Maybe I just think the word lust is very funny and thus felt compelled to type it as often as I could politely get by with it. Lusty, lust, lust. Have I reached the quota yet and entered the territory of those whom we shun for committing acts of treason against civilized behavior? Lust, lUst, luSt, lusT... now it doesn't even sound like a real word. lol Mayhaps I need a new hobby or just some motivation to do my homework... muhahahahaha!!
I'd share cookies with you but then my roommates would sell me on the black market to the highest bidder and last time I checked that was Paco the Columbia drug lord who fancies my terrible sense of humor. Nay, I jest (sort of. They would disown me and forbid I touch anything in the kitchen ever again. That and Paco really thinks my sense of humor is rather lacking but is willing to put up with it since I'm so good at cleaning bathrooms.)
Urgh... I need to get back to homework. I'm terribly behind and fear catching up will be the death of me. So, if you never hear from me again, think well of me and remember my heroic struggle. Farewell!
"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I'm saying." -Oscar Wilde


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