31 December 2005

Happy New Year's Eve! Farewell to 2005 and all the lovely things that happened this past year. If I had time I'd recount all the wonderful things that have happened but I fear I would bore everyone to death with all the stupid little details I think are awesome... So here are links to my personal top quotes from posts (and if you click on the quote it ought to take you to that particulea:And of course my Emerson-inspired rants that started on Nov 8th...
Okay, well... Now I'm off to celebrate the coming of the new year! Best wishes to all for a GREAT NEXT YEAR!!!! Love ya'll!!!!

27 December 2005

Good Morning

Beautiful sunrise this morning reflected back to me in the rearview mirror on my jaunt home from a double at work.
Finished Lonesome Dove. (The book, not the miniseries that everyone keeps telling me, in condescending tones, was wonderful. No. This is a big-arse book. We're talking in the 6-7 hundred pages range. Not an effing miniseries you happened to tape on VHS in the late 1980's. So quit it with the condescention you who haven't ever picked up a book that big other than the telephone book.) Decent but I know I'll never read it again. Anyone in need of a book to read let me know.
And now I bid thee adieu so I may retire to my bedchamber for some much longed-for nappage. I'll be wearing my striped legwarmers too....

26 December 2005

Re:Christmas Entry

Christmas was the wonderful family, weekend-long event I've come to love and expect. I worked Saturday until 3pm and by the time I made it home, my family from Arkansas that we'd been expecting had arrived. They brought their little one year old Dashhund Buddy with them. He definitely made the weekend more interesting. We hadn't been introduced before but that made little difference as he jumped into my lap and went to sleep just an hour or so after I got home. Mum made homemade stroganoff and it was all I ever asked for in a stroganoff. Watched some television and then passed out in a cough medicine-induced sleep (Mum insisted since I was a little congested... That stuff knocks me on my butt like nothing else. Makes me just zombie-like.)
Woke up early Christmas morning. I remember a time when Dork and I were the first awake. We'd make sure the other woke up and then together we'd run into Mum and Dad's room to wake them up (because we weren't allowed near the tree until they were awake for some odd reason...). This year, though, Mum was the first awake and she had the honors of waking the household. Fast forward through opening presents, breakfast of homemade biscuits and gravy, and general lounging around. Headed off to our extended family Christmas get-together at my aunt and uncle's house a couple of blocks away. They did an amazing job with dinner; I ate way too much! Then us kids (all my cousins are younger than I) opened our presents followed by the dirty santa gift exchange for the adults (and me. See? I get the best of both worlds!). Sprinkled throughout the evening were the traditional stories about when my dad and his brothers were growing up, when my cousins, Dork, and I were littler, and any other little anecdotes deemed appropriate. The stories and jokes are my favorite part of our family functions.
I did well on the presents front this Christmas: several shirts, a jacket, 2 cd's, a kimono, heated blanket, yoga/pilates videos, socks, a couple of books, legwarmers, a "thumb drive," some pretty jewelry and a big Christmas ornament plus the dirty santa gift I ended with, a massage mat-thing that's pretty neat.
Dad's brother and his family headed off back to Arkansas this morning before I awoke so the house is back to being pretty quiet. Christmas decorations will be coming down sometime this week. Back to the norm. At least I still have a couple of weeks until classes start back up.
Now I'm off to do some picking up around the house and general messin' around until work this evening. Adios!

23 December 2005

Friday Free Thinking

Golly. I wish I had wonderful, inspiring things to say that would mean something to someone. If not that, then hilarious, classy things to talk about. Or interesting facts to discourse on. So if Santa is still taking ideas down for Christmas presents, I'd like to tell him that I'd give up all other presents for Christmas forever if I could just always have something inspiring, funny, or interesting to say (er, write about). Surely that would make life better than some cute sweater or the newest in digital micro blah blah technology, right?
Been a good week. Got a lot done on my to-do list (Hey! Including hanging the Christmas lights outside!): wrapping presents, errands around town, Christmas cards sent from my family, shopping, fixing, house chores, etc. Got to visit Skronky briefly and exchange Christmas presents (of which I certainly got the better, prettier deal!) Talked to Julia a couple of times. Chatted with Mum a ton. Mostly just been hanging out trying to find stuff to occupy my time so I don't go crazy. I think I've manage to drive my dad and Dork up the wall with my incessant "picking up the house" nonsense, as they would think but never say. Every few minutes throughout the day I'd walk into the room they're in (separetly or apart) and ask, "Where does this go?" or "Who's is this?" To which they'd either answer as briefly as possible or, cursing me, stand up and show me where the wretched item should go. Often as not they told me to just leave it with them and they'd put it away. Which is a nice way to clean the house together... (hehehe)
I thought I had more to say. Luckily for ya'll, I've forgotten whatever it was. So farewell until next time. Merry Christmas!

19 December 2005

Monday before Christmas...

"time, nothing gold, and fancy panties" Really, what more could a girl ask for?

It's been a week almost since I've been around on here. Made it home Thursday safely. Ran errands and exercised before Dork's Bday party Friday evening. Worked and then went shopping with Mum Saturday. Work 2 shifts Sunday. Sleep and exercise today. The snow's been very pretty but not very functional either for making snow art or for allowing effective transportation. Really, should at least get one of those in if possible.
This morning, early, as I was leaving work feeling tired, worn down, and very un-cute, I happened to share the elevator down with a nice woman, either a nurse, tech, or something like that, also on her way home. She said something funny so I laughed and made some appropriate comment to which she actually looked up at me surprised and said, "Wow! You're really pretty. I hadn't noticed until you started laughing." That was all. I said thank you and walked on out to the parking lot. That's one of the few compliments I've gotten from a total stranger that I've felt was sincere and not just meant to get me to buy or give up something. I know my family is always nice to me but somehow I think they're supposed to be. (Even if I was very much on the noncute side of looks they'd still tell me I was gorgeous.) Really doesn't matter either way since I'm pretty secure in myself but it's nice to hear I don't frighten small children with my ogre grimaces. So, thank you nice lady from the elevador. I really meant it when I wished you a Merry Christmas.
Dork got a very beautiful guitar for birthday/Christmas. It's truly stunning. I think he might still have pics up on his xanga if you'd like to scroll down to the links on the left side of my page...
I really, really, really wanted to put up the outdoor Christmas lights this year. We have pretty white icicle ones that just take clips to hold them up so I don't think it would take me too terribly long to do. But. When we, Dad and I, started looking for them Friday they were nowhere to be found. Not in the closet that they once lived in. Not in the attic with the rest of the Christmas stuff. Not in any of the closets or storage spaces strung thoughout the house. Absolutely nowhere. We spent about five hours looking for them. When we, ie Dad, finally found them (in the garage under a table?!?) it was getting too late and too dark to put them up. Since then I've been working, sleeping, or it's been too cold. Maybe tomorrow.
Julia, I liked your post about BUB's. I've never had a full out BUB but I won't deny saving/burning/giving away things that would have gone in such a memorial of sorts if the BU was bad enough. I do think guys do it too but theirs is more subtle or something. Probably not in an actual box. They're sneaky like that...
Somehow I've misplaced about half of my usual Christmas Spirit. Wonder how that happened? It'll likely turn up just in time to get used but who knows. Doesn't really seem like Christmas break even. Weird.
Okay well, I'm going to head off to bed soon. Still really tired.
Merry Christmas to everyone and all the best wishes for laughter, love, and luck during this happy season! Even though I didn't send out cards this year you're all in my heart and thoughts daily. God bless you and yours!
"I begin at the other extreme, expecting nothing, and am always full of thanks for moderate goods." - Emerson

"All good conversation, manners, and action, come from a spontaneity which forgets usages, and makes the moment great." -Emerson

14 December 2005

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!!

Wow. Been a long week already. Thank goodness my finals are done now. Back to sleeping, watching tv, and getting to see my friends & family. WOOHOOO!!! Best wishes to anyone who still has finals to take! (oh and mine weren't too very terrible. Just in case you wondered. If you feel like commenting about how yours went, please do!)
My little brother is seventeen today. Man, that makes me feel so, so old. I remember holding him when he was a baby and now he can pick me up. I remember when he first started talking and walking. I remember having to translate what he said for Mum and Dad because I guess I still spoke toddler when I was five or six. He called me on his cell phone just a little while ago while on a break from play practice. They're performing tomorrow at the HS and I hear he's got a nice part. Yeah, I know I'm only twenty or so but today I feel ancient. So kudos to you my little big brother.
I'll be back in the hometown soon, tomorrow I think. Gonna be nice to be home for a little while. Haven't been back, other than to pick up my dress for the Snow Ball, since November.
5 months is a very long time.
If you're trying to avoid work of any sort this site is a nice place to waste time...
Well, I have things to say but they'll have to wait until I feel more motivated. Hope ya'll have a lovely week!

09 December 2005

philosophical tangets

What a nice way to end the semester. Wasn't too rushed or overwhelmed for once. Granted, I still have a ton of studying to do before my finals but overall I'm actually enjoying this finale.
This is totally random, well sort of, loosely brought on by a conversation with Mum the other day but anyway... Have you ever experienced an emotion or situation by proxy or vicariously through someone else? For example, I myself have never been a mother but I have seen much of what Dawn goes through for Marie everyday; the joys, hardships, the funny moments, and the sad. That's a broad, simplified example but it fits. Or hearing all the crazy things that happen in my friends' relationships. I don't have to live them to learn from them or understand what they're feeling. Which leads me to my next thought. Do most artists, whether musician, author, etc, create solely from their own personal repertoire, draw largely from others', or some mixture thereof? I sure don't have any answers but rather assume it's some mix, different for each, of course. Since I've already admitted on here that I occasionally write some poetry, I'll go on to admit that not all or even half of them depict events or feelings completely or real to life. And I guess that's the wiggle-room allowed to all "creators" in the artsy world. Artsy world isn't the same as real life and isn't obligated to look like it much either.
Well, that was certainly more philosophical than I had intended...
On that philosophical tangent... Love. There are so many forms and types of love yet we who speak American English use that same word for all of them. How strange is that??? I can't remember for sure off the top of my head but I think it is at least the Greeks who have separate words for brotherly love and romantic love. Which makes more sense to me. At least separate it in two categories, if not more. On second thought, brotherly love could also be used to cover the other categories that come to mind; acquantence love that makes you smile, best friend/soul twin love that makes you worry and laugh with them, nonbiological sibling love for those who should have been in your family if you could pick relatives, Old friend love for those who once were close to your heart but now time-weathered and life-strained, etc. (Ever notice I use etc when I can't think of more options but want to balance out the sentence anyway? muhahahahaha) I'm not really going anywhere with this thought...
Well, Happy Friday everyone and Good luck on Finals to anyone who still has some to take! (Take 'em fast and with a chaser. Or maybe that was shots... ?)
And just for fun!

"There are only four questions of value in life, Don Octavio. What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same: only love." ~Can you tell me who said that? (I know Julia can!)

07 December 2005

Cold Wednesday

Just to get it out of my system...
I know ya'll are tired of hearing me whine about physics class but HONESTLY!!! It's like he sits there all day devising new and thrilling ways to make class (which itself sucks for being at 8:30am) less effecient, more confusing, and doubly boring. He probably even calls up one of the half-dozen villiage idiots, who are still making it to class regularly of course, to make sure there will be at least one truly moronic question per class period.
Or maybe I'm just frustrated right now and taking it out on physics class. (Grrrrr.... yeah that's it, because I'm irritable... I'd start describing the annoyingness that just sat down next to me but that would be counterproductive. sigh.)
What gets me like this? Am I just an angry person? Who knows... At least I haven't yelled at or seriously maimed anyone yet, right?
It's so cold outside!!! Really, I guess it wouldn't be so bad but the wind makes it worse. Glad I washed some clothes at Skronky's the other night so I have lovely warm layers to wear. Gilmore Girls last night was a rerun. Evil producers. So instead Julia and I watched one of Julia's dance recitals on tape. Pretty funny. Oh! I don't mean Julia herself was particularly funny (which of course she was); The little kids were hilarous. I feel I have the right to laugh as much as I want at that kind of thing because I know that my dad has, somewhere, video of my own dance and gymnastics recitals. We're not even going to think about the tapes of the plays I was in during high school. Those are much, much worse. So we enjoyed that for about two hours...
BUT OH!!! We ate at the Greek House for our late lunch after yogalates (it's just on Jenkins just North of Boyd, get the Child's plate even if you're really, really hungry because I promise you'll barely finish it by yourself). SOOO good!!!! I think we're going to try out new places more since there are more of them to try around here than near where we grew up. Woohoo!!!
I should be studying right now.... Okay, I will. Happy Wednesday ya'll!!!!

06 December 2005


GG in half an hour... So until then...

05 December 2005

Jock Ex's

Lovely weekend... Enjoyed TheNeighborhood show Friday downtown. They played some of their new stuff and it was wonderful! (The band just before them sucked though. Too bad because they had a neat, funny theme and little skit.)
Saturday I ran home to get one of my prom dresses to wear to the Snow Ball that evening. (Put on by the Sooner Ballroom Dance Club at the Natural History Museum. I just love living in a college town!) When I returned to the house there was a gaggle (6-8) of Betas enjoying a "line party" (ie the Bigs and Littles get together with their whole lineage. That's the shortest correct answer I can think of.)
Worked Sunday, all day. Wasn't too bad...
But I did get strangely annoyed at the little old lady because she kept yelling at me to fix her pillow, which really didn't need fixing if truth be told. So I'd pat it (not really moving it at all) and ask if that was better. She'd nod and go back to sleep. This happened about every five minutes for more than 5 hours straight. I really had to work hard to not let my voice sound sarcastic or annoyed. See, this lack of patience I have with people in general is why I shouldn't be a nurse. Glad I figured that out before the years of schooling.
Got my physics test back this morning (Only missed 7... so ended with a 14/21. Which isn't wonderful but it'll work for now.) Now I have to go through and figure out why I missed 'em. Drat my elementary school teachers for teaching me to do that! It's better in the long run but sucks because it means I still worry about my test waaaaaay after it's over.
For some strange reason my chatterbox won't let me type a whole sentence. Jett your answer would have been, "Estoy pensando aqui en la bibliotecca caliente porque hoy es muy frio."
Okay, well here's a post I drafted earlier last week and just didn't feel like posting at the time...

My Jock Ex's(note: I never REALLY dated any of these guys, of course. It just makes for interesting posting):
  • Jeremy, who is an Olympic Skier and Widereciever for The University of Colorado Buffs football team. Did I mention he's also a Tommy Hilfiger model in his spare time? ((had to get rid of the pics))
    The story on us... well, I just didn't have time to make it to all of his photoshoots which left him feeling unsupported or something weird like that... As if fifteen football games and several million rounds on the mountain weren't enough...

  • Andrew, who completed a sea-to-sea hike across Canada. Sorry I don't have a better picture but we didn't last long. The chilly Canadian weather was too cold to warm our love. Also he wore shorts more than I did... and, well, hmmm...
  • Roger is one of the best tennis players this world has ever seen... But his obsession with headbands was the death bell for our volley of affection.

  • Patrick, a skier who lead the fastest and youngest British team to ever reach the South Pole. Another piece of armcandy lost to the cold. Darn you, you icy men! Why must you brave the frigid tundra when you have warm! sunniness! waiting here Stateside?
  • Bode, another Olympic skiier (he competes in at least five events in the winter games), is very weighed down by all the shiny medals he's won. We didn't work out because I'm a Southern girl and he's a "Yankee" boy... sigh...
  • Bruce, a Hawaiian boy who surfs, imagine that! He's lately been getting a lot of attention for progressive stunts and busting big airs. His little dog, who is a cousin of the Gremlins, broke us up... That and I just missed Okieland too much. Did you know saltwater really dries out your hair?? Killer man...
  • Brady, Notre Dame's QB owns every major Notre Damw passing record.
    Being nearly a whole foot taller than me was challenging... The distance was really killing us too. That and he seemed to think the Sooners weren't all they're cracked up to be. Which they so obviously are! BOOMER SOONER you Irish scum!

**Edited to remove their last names...**

01 December 2005


A nice thought occured to me on the bus this morning. Ever heard of the phrase "seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses"? Well, the thing is, my sunglasses make everything just a tad redder than they really are! Like brown leaves on a tree are still pretty reddish to me. And most things have more depth of color to them. Which is nice. I realized this just recently and now it makes me smile to think about...
Just for fun. And since I can't think of anything else...

    Neat things I have tried within the last month (and outcomes):
  1. Orange-flavored chewing gum - I say, "Yay!"
  2. Making it through a movie without talking - Not a chance
  3. Cherry vanilla scented lotion - totally awesome!
  4. my hair black/really dark brown - Jury's still out but I think I'm leaning toward liking it
  5. SoCo with lime - not as bad as it could have been
  6. Understanding physics-related light optics - See #2 above
  7. Yoga class outside after fire drill - not reccomended
  8. Kaluha cake - YES. Make yourself some today (and share it with me!!!)
  9. Harp recital - very pretty and enjoyable, looking forward to the next one...
  10. Loading the software to download songs to my MP3 player - still not going well
  11. Being more patient/less irratible - we'll see...