19 December 2005

Monday before Christmas...

"time, nothing gold, and fancy panties" Really, what more could a girl ask for?

It's been a week almost since I've been around on here. Made it home Thursday safely. Ran errands and exercised before Dork's Bday party Friday evening. Worked and then went shopping with Mum Saturday. Work 2 shifts Sunday. Sleep and exercise today. The snow's been very pretty but not very functional either for making snow art or for allowing effective transportation. Really, should at least get one of those in if possible.
This morning, early, as I was leaving work feeling tired, worn down, and very un-cute, I happened to share the elevator down with a nice woman, either a nurse, tech, or something like that, also on her way home. She said something funny so I laughed and made some appropriate comment to which she actually looked up at me surprised and said, "Wow! You're really pretty. I hadn't noticed until you started laughing." That was all. I said thank you and walked on out to the parking lot. That's one of the few compliments I've gotten from a total stranger that I've felt was sincere and not just meant to get me to buy or give up something. I know my family is always nice to me but somehow I think they're supposed to be. (Even if I was very much on the noncute side of looks they'd still tell me I was gorgeous.) Really doesn't matter either way since I'm pretty secure in myself but it's nice to hear I don't frighten small children with my ogre grimaces. So, thank you nice lady from the elevador. I really meant it when I wished you a Merry Christmas.
Dork got a very beautiful guitar for birthday/Christmas. It's truly stunning. I think he might still have pics up on his xanga if you'd like to scroll down to the links on the left side of my page...
I really, really, really wanted to put up the outdoor Christmas lights this year. We have pretty white icicle ones that just take clips to hold them up so I don't think it would take me too terribly long to do. But. When we, Dad and I, started looking for them Friday they were nowhere to be found. Not in the closet that they once lived in. Not in the attic with the rest of the Christmas stuff. Not in any of the closets or storage spaces strung thoughout the house. Absolutely nowhere. We spent about five hours looking for them. When we, ie Dad, finally found them (in the garage under a table?!?) it was getting too late and too dark to put them up. Since then I've been working, sleeping, or it's been too cold. Maybe tomorrow.
Julia, I liked your post about BUB's. I've never had a full out BUB but I won't deny saving/burning/giving away things that would have gone in such a memorial of sorts if the BU was bad enough. I do think guys do it too but theirs is more subtle or something. Probably not in an actual box. They're sneaky like that...
Somehow I've misplaced about half of my usual Christmas Spirit. Wonder how that happened? It'll likely turn up just in time to get used but who knows. Doesn't really seem like Christmas break even. Weird.
Okay well, I'm going to head off to bed soon. Still really tired.
Merry Christmas to everyone and all the best wishes for laughter, love, and luck during this happy season! Even though I didn't send out cards this year you're all in my heart and thoughts daily. God bless you and yours!
"I begin at the other extreme, expecting nothing, and am always full of thanks for moderate goods." - Emerson

"All good conversation, manners, and action, come from a spontaneity which forgets usages, and makes the moment great." -Emerson


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

Why, thank you, Misty. I was rather proud of my abbreviation. Actually, it just made me laugh. Merry Christmas!!!

PS~Apparently we're exchanging roommate gifts when we go back to school. Jenna has hers under the tree. I just thought you might want to know lol

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