07 December 2005

Cold Wednesday

Just to get it out of my system...
I know ya'll are tired of hearing me whine about physics class but HONESTLY!!! It's like he sits there all day devising new and thrilling ways to make class (which itself sucks for being at 8:30am) less effecient, more confusing, and doubly boring. He probably even calls up one of the half-dozen villiage idiots, who are still making it to class regularly of course, to make sure there will be at least one truly moronic question per class period.
Or maybe I'm just frustrated right now and taking it out on physics class. (Grrrrr.... yeah that's it, because I'm irritable... I'd start describing the annoyingness that just sat down next to me but that would be counterproductive. sigh.)
What gets me like this? Am I just an angry person? Who knows... At least I haven't yelled at or seriously maimed anyone yet, right?
It's so cold outside!!! Really, I guess it wouldn't be so bad but the wind makes it worse. Glad I washed some clothes at Skronky's the other night so I have lovely warm layers to wear. Gilmore Girls last night was a rerun. Evil producers. So instead Julia and I watched one of Julia's dance recitals on tape. Pretty funny. Oh! I don't mean Julia herself was particularly funny (which of course she was); The little kids were hilarous. I feel I have the right to laugh as much as I want at that kind of thing because I know that my dad has, somewhere, video of my own dance and gymnastics recitals. We're not even going to think about the tapes of the plays I was in during high school. Those are much, much worse. So we enjoyed that for about two hours...
BUT OH!!! We ate at the Greek House for our late lunch after yogalates (it's just on Jenkins just North of Boyd, get the Child's plate even if you're really, really hungry because I promise you'll barely finish it by yourself). SOOO good!!!! I think we're going to try out new places more since there are more of them to try around here than near where we grew up. Woohoo!!!
I should be studying right now.... Okay, I will. Happy Wednesday ya'll!!!!


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