01 December 2005


A nice thought occured to me on the bus this morning. Ever heard of the phrase "seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses"? Well, the thing is, my sunglasses make everything just a tad redder than they really are! Like brown leaves on a tree are still pretty reddish to me. And most things have more depth of color to them. Which is nice. I realized this just recently and now it makes me smile to think about...
Just for fun. And since I can't think of anything else...

    Neat things I have tried within the last month (and outcomes):
  1. Orange-flavored chewing gum - I say, "Yay!"
  2. Making it through a movie without talking - Not a chance
  3. Cherry vanilla scented lotion - totally awesome!
  4. my hair black/really dark brown - Jury's still out but I think I'm leaning toward liking it
  5. SoCo with lime - not as bad as it could have been
  6. Understanding physics-related light optics - See #2 above
  7. Yoga class outside after fire drill - not reccomended
  8. Kaluha cake - YES. Make yourself some today (and share it with me!!!)
  9. Harp recital - very pretty and enjoyable, looking forward to the next one...
  10. Loading the software to download songs to my MP3 player - still not going well
  11. Being more patient/less irratible - we'll see...


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