29 November 2005

Not much to say

I totally meant to write more yesterday but it just didn't happen. Sorry. I know, I'm a jerk.
It's darn chilly outside! But, oh, it's pretty too! I do like autumn...
And it seems I have nothing to say. My mind is at a loss for words... I'll try again later... After yoga. And post-"Corpse Bride" with Julia at the theater on Robinson... That's going to be GREAT! Woohoo!
So happy Tuesday!!!

So I still don't have much to say. I ought to be studying for my test in the morn but I'm just sick of physics right now.
Saw Corpse Bride with Julia and it rocked!!!! If you haven't seen it, go see it or wait and definitely see it when it gets to DVD.
Had some Jimmy John's with Skronky. Always good food there. That was our plan B since the pizza place was being stupid...
Then Jul and I had to run to the market for supplies because being out of paper towels here is like being out of... well, I can't think of anything smart-arse to say there but it sucks, okay?
Also, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a good movie too. Made me laugh a lot. Big surprise, I know.
Yoga today was pathetic. I was kinda looking forward to getting my butt kicked after such a lazy break but no, she went way easy on us. I shouldn't have even bothered putting my hair up.
Steve's birthday was Sunday, so here's his shout out! HAPPY BIRFDAY STEEEEvEeeEEE!!!! Old man is 21!!!
I feel really old too, though, because Marie just turned 2 years old this weekend. Crazy, huh? Oh and I just found out that Dawn doesn't like stuffing, i.e. the stuff that every warmblooded American citizen is supposed to love!!!! Weird! You'd think I'd have heard about this before now, but it managed to sneak past my radar. I think I'm going to have to remedy this quirk of hers, no? We'll see...
Okay so back to studying...


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