21 November 2005

Knock on Monday

Nice weekend. Weather's been strange but enjoyable.
Physics class was silly today. I should have slept in instead of actually going. He just played around with laser pointers aimed at the wall and we were supposed to realise something about perception or refraction or something. I don't actually know? Good times.
Worked a double yesterday; nothing out of the ordinary to report.
This morning on the bus, since it was one of the trolley ones, there was music! But it wasn't playing when we boarded. No, it waited to start until we were already on our way and then it burst out overhead with, "BETTER KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK ON WOOD!!!" I was sitting in the very back bench seat and pretty much all of us in that area were laughing our heads off. So funny. Then we had the ever-inspirational "Beautiful" by Christina Aguillera (who I've heard just got married?). I just love the morning bus rides....
Well, really I enjoy the later ones too. Last week I rode back with one of my classmates from HS who I've known since at least second grade if not earlier. We played volleyball together, etc. Had a good time catching up since I hadn't seen her in a while and we both enjoy the mild type of gossip. I'm jealous, though, because she got to go eat at Sid's this weekend (she had to brag about it on Facebook. lol)... I miss Sid's and Johnnie's when I'm down here in Norman. No wonderful onion-fried burgers like they make back home. And I doubt I could find anyone who can make coneyslaw nearly as well. (sigh)
How I long for the idea of thee, oh Onion Fried Burger Day. Alas, you only happen on the first Saturday in May. Ah, woe is me and alas again. (can you feel the drama???)
Well, back to life here. Happy Monday and Yay!! for short weeks!!!


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