10 November 2005

Rant 3

Thanks for the commenting love from ya'll! I really appreciate feedback in any form, so if you have any questions, arguments, bones to pick, inconsistancies to point out, grammatical errors to report, or just any good old-fashioned compliments to pass on, well then get to typing & leave me something more to ponder!!!
Beautiful day outside. But right now I'm in the microcomputer lab at the physical sci building. I honestly thought it wouldn't be this full in here. Obviously I underestimated my fellow campusmates. There are still a few stations open so I don't feel too terrible for playing around on here. That and I've peeked at a few screens around me and some of these folks are playing games, writing emails, and messing around on various networking sites (myspace, xuqa, facebook, etc...).
One of the gals from my Spanish class was talking about her oldest daughter, who's around 7 years old. The other day, it seems, she asked her mother when she could have a boyfriend. Since they were busy doing something else at the time, her mom just let it pass as though she hadn't heard (which is convient because she hasn't figured out how to answer that question). The next inquiry from this little darling was, "Mommy, when can I kiss a boy???" Isn't that funny? She told the story much better but I still find it quite funny...
On to my rant... This might be shorter than the previous ones... From Emerson's Heroism... The inspiring quote, "But here we are; -that is a great fact, and, if we will tarry a little, we may come to learn that here is best." To me this is a beautiful thought. Deal with your situation and learn to like it. Things change frequently so enjoy what you have, while you have it, even if it isn't the optimum you'd prefer. Love life since, as far as we know, you only get one shot at it. Here isn't such a terrible place to find yourself. Thank your lucky stars above that you didn't end up with worse. Greet each new day with a prayer of thankfulness, even if in just the unformed feeling of joy in world. Someone loves you. You have something to get done each day. There is a plan for your life and a way for you to get there. Aren't these things enough?
That was pretty short for my normal wordiness... hmmm... well, the mob is stirring and I think it best to get out of here and into the sunshine... Love to you all and smiles that go on forever!


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