02 November 2005

A couple of links from me to you

Seems wasteful to start this post when I know upfront I don't have much to say and I should be studying either Botany or Spanish...
But I found this website from Mind Hacks... Essential sites for students. Check it out and let me know what you think. I found it interesting at least. (Galen, if you read this, would you comment a link to Pink Five? I didn't think to do it when I still had the addy for it)
And for those of you who are bored and enjoy my sick sense of humor, I liked this from Normal Jean... Lulu's Hair Lair
Okay, now it's back to my studies. Hugs to ya'll!
"If we will take the good we find, asking no questions, we shall have heaping measures. The great gifts are not got by analysis." -Emerson


Anonymous Galen adoringly said...

Some Funny Star Wars Parodies:


And for some Bad Ass lightsaber Fan Films:


2:29 PM  

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