13 October 2005

random rambling

I should log off and go to bed but I'm not sleepy! Mommmmm, please don't make me go to bed yet!
I filled out my pharm school app and submitted it today. A relief, stressful, and a tad depressing all at the same time. Now I have to figure out if I need to resubmit everything or just some of the sublimental stuff.
When I wear black eyeliner on both the top and half of the bottom of my eyes I look rather sad and my eyes look bigger. Hmmm... I never really noticed that. That's what comes from having a mirror hanging just above my desk... That and too much time to think about nothing.
Spanish homework tonight took me just over an hour to do tonight. I did it tonight even though I don't have class until Monday because I know I'll forget otherwise. We're learning gerunds... "-ing" words. It's funny. There's a word for leaving that also can be applied to leaving someone. One of the examples explicitly stated that! How freakin' funny?
Okay now I'm really going to bed... G'night!


Anonymous Hydraulic Sandwich adoringly said...

You rock.... we love you too!

How's that for a random comment?

7:30 PM  

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