28 September 2005

Physics = my Stan for the day

I was just assaulted by my physics test. Verbally, mentally, physically, situationally, sarcastically, interpersonally, etc... I think you can see where this is headed. It killed me. Cory tried to make it sound like it was hard for him. Psssh. He always does way better than I do on tests. I may have the homework done earlier with more correct but he always seems to trump me on tests. It's a curse. lol
On another note, I just saw a short man with yellow reflector bands strapped to his ankles over his jeans. Very strange...
I'm wearing my Memphis Hard Rock Cafe shirt today. It's one of my favorites... Which, well, it would seem otherwise because I hardly ever wear it. Whatever. I'm crazy.
Did I mention I'm still high on my cold medicine? I wanted to actually sleep last night instead of spending the night trying to breathe... kinda backfired/worked against me... Thinking isn't one of my strong points at this very moment due to medicinal inhibition. Something like that.
Happy Birthday to my Daddy.... His Birffday was yesterday. (Sorry I couldn't make it home; Love you and see ya soon!!)
The sky is all cloudy but it feels so lovely outside. Think I'm going to head out to read on a bench before class...
Happy Wednesday everyone!!!
"Few things are harder to put up with than a good example." - Mark Twain


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