18 November 2007

Fall Fumble

Strange combination feeling of being trapped under an avalanche of things to do and yet not experiencing much concern about said entrapment.
Helped Mum make rolls this morning. The baking bread still smells wonderful. Grandmum's side of the family meets for Thanksgiving together today (thus the rolls since the other alternative is suffering through doughy store-bought monstrosities). Mum & I vote for an open-bar but I doubt anyone else would agree to such.
Marie's 4th birthday is a week from Tuesday and am still pondering what she NEEDS for a gift. Have a couple items of clothing and plan on some sort of toy with it... Maybe playdoh? Who knows...
The OU-TTech game yesterday was horrid. Such an upset. Argh.
Having Friday out of school for Statehood Day was lovely though. Gave me some time to play catch up on all this school stuff. Oh and hang out with the Skronky boy too, of course. He's doing alright, if you were wondering; Enjoying the lovely weather and puttering around in his yard as much as possible.
Reviewing my blog tracker I have to wonder who in Alabama is so enthralled with my blog as to check it SO often. I don't even check it THAT many times a week, much less a day! No offense intended but at least leave a comment or something now and then, huh?
Love and Happy wishes to all - Hope your Fall festivities are delightful!

14 November 2007

Hop over the fallen leaves, crash into the cool breeze

Whew! Where is the month going??? It's just flying by and I'm trying to keep up...
School is going crazy right now. We're supposed to have a 3 day weekend this week for Statehood Day (Nov 16th!) right before Thanksgiving break next week but it really doesn't feel like we'll have any time out since on Monday alone we have 2 tests, 1 kinetics homework, and a 6-10 page group project paper all due with another paper due the next morning at 8 am. Yay for pharmacy school.
Since this is my blog and I'm currently in a writing slump anyway...
Just ignore this part as it's just ranting and raving about nothing interesting.
I'll spill about my latest issue to do with one of the organizations I'm very active in at school. We have elections coming up in December for all of the officer roles to take office in January when we return from winter break... Well, I want to stay involved but am indecisive as to how much and exactly what I am willing to do. I don't particularly want to hold a couple of the offices because of the huge amount of actual paperwork involved. Others require a large time commitment, which I already put in so that wouldn't be much of a stretch, right? I'm mostly just conflicted because the position I think I really want...well, the president elect has already said he plans on nominating person X, who is a nice person but who has not been involved at the same capacity I have and thus does not have the baseline knowledge needed for that job, yet has the support of the pres elect.... She also did not attend the regional meeting that is fairly crucial to fully understanding the organization's mission. But maybe that's just me thinking... The only other person that I think is qualified as much as I am for this position is still trying to make up her mind as well so I think I might just get with her to discuss it? There is always the option of just being there for everything and yet not holding an office... This is really such a non-issue in the real world that it is almost scary that I waste so much of my time thinking about it.
If I don't make it back for another update before then, Happy Thanksgiving! May you have such an abundance to be thankful for that you don't know where to start when giving thanks!
Also, Happy Birthday to my beautiful, talented Mum! She takes care of us even when we don't really deserve it so think a happy thought for her just because!

03 November 2007

Celebrate the everyday

Busy. And a little run-down. Not sure if it's the full schedule, the weather, or pure orneriness on my part but I've just not been up to 'snuff the past few days.
Lots of school stuff. Enjoyed Skronky's nephew's birthday party last weekend. He's a pretty durn cute kiddo and it's just a blast to watch how he interacts with his world. (For his gift I stenciled 5 onsies with various images: a fish, a tiger, a biohazard symbol, a black lab, and 2 cute but odd little rodents - one with antlers and the other with funny tail.)
Halloween was pretty good. I helped Mum answer the door to trick-or-treaters and we made carmel popcorn. Loki was entralled by the front door being continually opened to scary children. Dawn and Marie stopped by - Marie was a pretty little fairy. She showed us her graceful moves from ballet class earlier in the evening. She's such a sweetie.
I'm still passing all of my courses right now - a couple by the skin of my teeth and a couple more than adequately, mostly average. Par for the course is fine by me!
Happy birthday to my Kappa Psi Big! Yay!!!
Happy November and blessings to you!