03 November 2007

Celebrate the everyday

Busy. And a little run-down. Not sure if it's the full schedule, the weather, or pure orneriness on my part but I've just not been up to 'snuff the past few days.
Lots of school stuff. Enjoyed Skronky's nephew's birthday party last weekend. He's a pretty durn cute kiddo and it's just a blast to watch how he interacts with his world. (For his gift I stenciled 5 onsies with various images: a fish, a tiger, a biohazard symbol, a black lab, and 2 cute but odd little rodents - one with antlers and the other with funny tail.)
Halloween was pretty good. I helped Mum answer the door to trick-or-treaters and we made carmel popcorn. Loki was entralled by the front door being continually opened to scary children. Dawn and Marie stopped by - Marie was a pretty little fairy. She showed us her graceful moves from ballet class earlier in the evening. She's such a sweetie.
I'm still passing all of my courses right now - a couple by the skin of my teeth and a couple more than adequately, mostly average. Par for the course is fine by me!
Happy birthday to my Kappa Psi Big! Yay!!!
Happy November and blessings to you!


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