05 October 2007

Fall forward

Sooo... October huh? It's here already? Who knew and why didn't they let me know sooner??
Dad's birthday was good, abet full of studying kinetics for my test on Friday at 8am (Possibly one of the suckiest times ever to have one of the worst/hardest/most frustrating tests ever). Still have no idea how I scored on that one...
Since then have worked, studied a ton more, killed three mechanical pencils (one of which I'd been using for over a year with no prior difficulty), attended roughly 15 hours of classes and 4 hours of organizational meetings, rounded out rush with Bid Day (successful), visited Skronky to watch a movie, put in 9 hours of site visit, sent 3-4 dozen emails, taken a final for a 2 hour course, done laundry twice, and not cleaned my room once. Which I really should.
I think I'm going to be a cat for Halloween parties this year. Already have the ears and everything else is pretty easy.
Remember how I'm supposed to make a gift for my family's gift exchange this year (See
Dec 19th's post from last year)? Well I'm having trouble deciding what to make. Any ideas? I still don't really want to comply with the decree that we must make it but since it's family I'm pretty much obligated to play nice. I can sew, etch glass, bead, paint, stencil, cross stitch, cook, and bake all fairly well so end up having a few too many options. Oh yeah, and I'm really cheap. Comment with any suggestions please?

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