16 September 2007

Everyone Loves a Fair!

It's almost a full week later and my bloody nose has progressed nicely to a beautiful double black eye combo. When I'm not well covered in a pound of makeup I really do look like I've been someone's punching bag. Barely tender and quite congested, my nose makes few complaints beyond the occasional snuffle. I don't think the congestion is related but who knows? I was thinking about it and don't believe I've ever had a bloody nose this bad before... Learning experience! Woohoo!!!
Lots of school. We had a "review" session after a test this last week (after they graded it so knew what they wanted to talk about) during which only one question was discussed! One! I got to school a full hour early for it - This was a T/F question that I and more than 70% of my classmates missed, the instructor who wrote the question agreed that it should be thrown out, but the course coordinator chose to leave in since "the class average was so good". You did well so I'll punish you! Yay! (Side note: the instructor who spoke to us that morning asked me if I was related to Bernadette Peters. He thinks I look VERY much like her. Funny, huh?)
Enjoyed the State Fair with Skronky on Saturday for a full 2 hours - at which point we were glad to leave. We've decided that the Fair is better when you're very young, it's dark outside and not packed with people, or you're a tad intoxicated. We were none of those so two hours was our limit. I'd still encourage anyone who asks how it was to go and try for themselves; You may just LOVE it! Eat lots of Fair food for those of us who abstained this year (the strudels were tantalizing but I stuck to my jug of root beer, a fair tradition that I could not forsake) and ride all the rides just for the heck of it. Avoid the "snake girl" & "world's smallest woman" since I'm almost certain they're a sham - Wouldn't they make more moola on a TV program than being tortured at a state fair??? If you know any of the fairway tricks go harass the carnies by winning; They really seem to hate it when anyone over the age of ten wins at their racket...
Decorated the hallway and lounge at school within an inch of it's dignity today. It's so pretty and piratey! Yay! I'm still excited for Rush, less so than I was last spring but more than I was mid-week last week. Woohoo! The video is all done, the decorating taken care of, food more than halfway planned for, speaker arranged, slide show missing only 4 pictures to be added tonight, goody bags stuffed and awaiting delivery. Yay!
This Wednesday is "National Talk Like A Pirate Day" so join in and enjoy!

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Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

Bernadette Peters? Yeah I could see that. She certainlly was a fox in "The Jerk"! Hey, maybe I'll invent something and get rich...all I need is this chair, these matches, this lamp, and this thermos and that's IT!

1:41 PM  

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