23 July 2007

Apple Madness

Busily working up a storm, saving lives and takin' names.... Always a good time.
Spent several hours Sunday baking with apples. We had a full brown paper bag of them from Grandmum that needed to be put to use so... Someone, okay me, thought it would be "neat" to make a pie or two from those pretty green apples. I guess I'd forgotten how little they were and how many it takes to make a pie... Spent roughly an hour peeling, coring, and slicing little green granny smith's into filling for one pie, one huge apple crisp and 3 little apple crisps. There were still apples left over! Like, enough for another pie!!! I haven't had any of the pie but the crisp is delicious and just almost worth the callous I'm forming from the peeler.
Skronky got back from Arkansas (was helping his boss move most of this last week) so YAY!!!
Love to all and hope ya have a beautiful week!


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