04 July 2007

Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July! Please control your urge to eat or drink any poisons, get bit by anything scary, or manage to have any reason to call me a work today since I want everyone to have a gorgeous, safe Independence Day!
Had a lovely week of work last week... This weekend was fun though, despite the rain changing our plans. Ended up having a family cookout at our house complete with all the fun that entails. Skronky even drove up for the festivities! (He and I saw that new movie with the name that sounds like "ratatooie" but not sure on spelling. Good movie.) Work at the PCC Monday followed by some much delayed progress on my tee shirt quilt (yeah, the one I've been trying to get motivated to finish for roughly, oh, 3 years!) leaving an estimated 2 hours-ish of work before it will be done! Yay! I'm making myself finish this darn thing before I'm allowed to sew on anything else fun or wearable. (It WILL be cute when I'm done or else!!!)
My aunt and uncle got a new puppy!!! Just so happens to be a half-brother to Rio so their doggies are related!!! Woo! They're still trying to come up with a name (last I heard, anyway)... I find it funny that ALL the dogs in the family are male...
Spent yesterday evening with Skronky - we tried out a new Thai restaurant (new to us) downtown which proved to be good but perhaps a tad overpriced. Skronky was a fan of the fishtank that was in view of our table. Not a bad place but probably won't ever be my favorite hangout (as far as ranking goes: it's miles above McDonalds to me but still quite below Pad Thai or the Greek House). This morning we puttered around outside at his house and at the Duck Pond (did you know they're doing construction there??? WTF???). A cute family of little brown ducks came to visit us hoping we had bread for them (we didn't). The weather was so nice and cool out; It's been a while since I've been to the Pond so it was really enjoyable.
PostSecret hasn't updated their page this week... arg...


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