27 June 2006

Dichotomous key to the rescue!

Happy summer! Had a lovely time Sunday at Skronky's sister's Barbeque. Great food, intesting conversation, and a funny parade to watch. Skronky's birthday last week was fun too. We went to Red Lobster for dinner and then rented Wedding Crashers since I hadn't seen it yet. Mostly been hanging out at home and working (though I've been canceled a lot at work lately since census is down). Mum, Dork, and I made chicken burritos Saturday, somewhere around 3 dozen of them! Ate a couple and froze the rest. Man, they're good! Mum's roses are doing well outside. The shasta daisies aren't quite as perky but everything else looks pretty good. Skronky's gardens are looking good too. The squash from his veggie garden was really yummy.
Keyed out a viney plant in the garden last night with Mum since it was growing wild and she had no idea what it was. Turns out it's related to cucumbers but much tinier! Ah. The power of the dichotomous key!
Been feeling really arty lately. Like I need to make something and be productive with my free time. Maybe I'll cook something... I donno. Have plenty of projects I need to finish and studying to do so I should get to it and quite griping.
Pray for Julia's sister please. She's having a rough time and her birthday is this week!
Hope everyone is having a good summer and keeping busy!

20 June 2006

Tuesday Tuesday Woo

Really enjoyed a book I read recently called "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking." Was really interesting; I'd really recommend it to anyone who needs something lovely and informational to read but not much patience to read a novel.
Kaluha cake is good. I'm enjoying it right now!
Skronky's birthday is tomorrow!!! Woo!!! "Everyone, on the count of three... One! Two! Three! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Skronky! Happy Birthday to you!!!!"
Loki just got in trouble. He's so lucky he's really cute.
Been working a lot this week. Almost makes me wish school would start up already... Hahaha

15 June 2006

Who knows all the answers?

Been a long week thus far. Feels like it should be Saturday already...
Work and having fun this week. Not much more than that happening. Had drinks and a large order of catching up with a friend Tuesday evenin'.
Visited Grandmum for her birthday Wednesday and got to hear all kinds of funny, neat, and interesting stories she remembered from her childhood about her parents and grandparents, as well as her own siblings (did I ever mention that twins seem to run in the family?? Eeek!) I think I should try sometime to get her to tell me these stories again and record them for later on when I can't remember them myself. Some are quite memorable (how one of her sisters learned to quit wetting the bed, her dad dealing with being the oldest of a huge family, and sleeping arrangements when extended family came to visit - sleeping outdoors was for boys only apparently!) And really some of that stuff could be important, right? Such as how everyone died, though morbid, could help predict some of my own generation's predispositions. Besides that, old stories are just really interesting. When you have a a half to a dozen siblings (that lived, not counting the ones that didn't make it past the age of two) there are bound to be some great stories...
Visited Norman yesterday and today. Elise's boyfriend Cody has a cute little puppy, bassett I think. Packed up some of my stuff to get it ready to move when I have to haul it out eventually. Spent most of my time there with the Skronky. He's doing well, working a lot but no summer school this year after all. His birthday is next week, woo! We had lunch at Tulio's today and, man, it was so filling and yummy.
Enjoyed my impromptu day off of work (they called and said they didnt need me this morning afterall. Nice, huh?) Once home I hung out with Mum and Dad... And of course the animals. Ever since Dork got a job I haven't seen much of him. Anyway, watched as Mum sewed in the waistband on a pair of pants she's making while I downed a (couple of) Tattoo and coke(s) also attempted to keep Loki from eating a sock, a quilt, my toes, the sewing machine pedal, and the carpet. He attacked a playing card king and was victorious in this insurgency since I didn't know about the ambush until it was too late. The monarch was laid to rest with no ceremony and little fanfare in the upstairs bathroom trash can... Donations can be made to a fund in memory of said royal, checks made payable to Curious Mistiness.
Love and good wishes for all. Let me know what kind of fun is happening this summer!!!

11 June 2006


Just in from working all day and wanted to send a Howdy to everyone... Feeling very thankful about life in general and wishing I knew how to pass on this wonderful feeling to all my friends. Hope you are all enjoying a great summer and many laughs. Consider this post as a hug meant especially for you personally; I'm thinking about ya'll with a warm heart and smiling face! (Yes, I know I sound crazy but a day of working with the crazy makes me appreciate the good people I have been blessed to meet and get to know...) Love you and God bless you all!!!

09 June 2006

And just maybe we are...

We're very well adjusted, really. Considering.
Haha. How often do you hear people say that about kids? That they're well adjusted and all, considering the circumstances. Considering my circumstances, well, I got the better end of the deal I'd have to say. Random and all, yeah.
Getting new glasses today. Woo! (Yes, I am rather excited since I've just been wearing my contacts almost exclusively since 8th grade... New glasses is a big thing, right?) Have to pick them up this afternoon...
Have been working on pre-orientation stuff for pharm for next year... I know it's necessary and all but it gets frustrating. Pile that frustration on top of my own self-doubt and I get a little freaked out. Everyone is being so supportive and nice but that still doesn't keep me from worrying, ya know? Just have to keep thinking, what's the worst that can happen and how would I handle that? That's really what helps me through it...
Fog Wednesday morning when I rode to work with Mum. It was so thick at one point that I couldn't even see the shoulder at the side of the highway. I don't consider myself claustrophobic but that one almost did it for me. Gave the world a Twilight Zone feel. Ekk!!! (Ya know, fog and mist are so closely related, you'd think I'd like it better...)
Anyway, back to doing other stuff... Happy Summer! Send me a shout if ya'll get bored

05 June 2006

Nena song stuck in my head

There's nothing else I wanna do
I spend all day dreamin' of you
I haven't seen you for a while
I need your kiss, I miss your smile
All the things I liked you for
Make me want you more and more
I don't know what to say
I've got to get to you today
-performed by Nena
Has been stuck in my head all evening!