15 June 2006

Who knows all the answers?

Been a long week thus far. Feels like it should be Saturday already...
Work and having fun this week. Not much more than that happening. Had drinks and a large order of catching up with a friend Tuesday evenin'.
Visited Grandmum for her birthday Wednesday and got to hear all kinds of funny, neat, and interesting stories she remembered from her childhood about her parents and grandparents, as well as her own siblings (did I ever mention that twins seem to run in the family?? Eeek!) I think I should try sometime to get her to tell me these stories again and record them for later on when I can't remember them myself. Some are quite memorable (how one of her sisters learned to quit wetting the bed, her dad dealing with being the oldest of a huge family, and sleeping arrangements when extended family came to visit - sleeping outdoors was for boys only apparently!) And really some of that stuff could be important, right? Such as how everyone died, though morbid, could help predict some of my own generation's predispositions. Besides that, old stories are just really interesting. When you have a a half to a dozen siblings (that lived, not counting the ones that didn't make it past the age of two) there are bound to be some great stories...
Visited Norman yesterday and today. Elise's boyfriend Cody has a cute little puppy, bassett I think. Packed up some of my stuff to get it ready to move when I have to haul it out eventually. Spent most of my time there with the Skronky. He's doing well, working a lot but no summer school this year after all. His birthday is next week, woo! We had lunch at Tulio's today and, man, it was so filling and yummy.
Enjoyed my impromptu day off of work (they called and said they didnt need me this morning afterall. Nice, huh?) Once home I hung out with Mum and Dad... And of course the animals. Ever since Dork got a job I haven't seen much of him. Anyway, watched as Mum sewed in the waistband on a pair of pants she's making while I downed a (couple of) Tattoo and coke(s) also attempted to keep Loki from eating a sock, a quilt, my toes, the sewing machine pedal, and the carpet. He attacked a playing card king and was victorious in this insurgency since I didn't know about the ambush until it was too late. The monarch was laid to rest with no ceremony and little fanfare in the upstairs bathroom trash can... Donations can be made to a fund in memory of said royal, checks made payable to Curious Mistiness.
Love and good wishes for all. Let me know what kind of fun is happening this summer!!!


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