31 May 2006

Mel's wedding was beautiful...

Mel and Adam's wedding went wonderfully. Her bachelorette party was fun and rehersal was funny. The reception after it all was a blast. Thanks you crazy kiddos for letting me be a part of it all! (AND I got a cute bridesmaid dress out of it!!! How lucky!!!) Everyone send traveling blessings to them on their honeymoon!!!
Been working this week. Nothing new there. Same old realization that my life could be worse and that I have absolutely nothing to complain about, ever. Ever.
Sewing a cute skirt with Mum. Just have hem and waistband left and then, wapah, it's done!
Dork is gone to Boys State. Talked to him this evening and sounds like he is not only surviving but managing to enjoy himself!
Short story. Before bachelorette party last Thursday I went to rent some movies at a nearby movie rental place. And I'm talking about a regular place, like blockbuster, hastings, movie gallery, ya know not anything too weird. As I looked for where The Notebook could possibly be shelved I had to walk in front of a couple of other customers but I said excuse me as usual. I kept walking around since I didn't see it in drama, action, or comedy so I tried new releases for the umteenth time when all of the sudden one of the other customers that I had walked in front of earlier approached me. Then proceeded to say, "Hi! My name is ____. Would you be interested in spending time together some night?" Which left me speechless. This dude was about forty years old and not at all attractive, beyond the fact that I don't know him and am not THAT kind of girl. I didn't give him any encouragement before (or after) that so I don't know why... I was just wearing normal, modest clothing and I don't think I was wearing my "I'm an easy, naive slut" sign; I certainly wasn't looking in any weird sections of the store, unless you consider comedy and action weird. Anyway, when I gained back some ability to talk all I could gasp quickly enough was, "NO. No, I don't think so. Uhhhhh, no." --"Oh. okay then," was his reply with a crushed look. I then quickly located the movie and left as quickly as possible. Why did that happen? Do I just look like THAT kind of girl now or something???? I'll have to look into joining a convent or something... Craziness...
On another note, Loki is being cute. Naughty but cute.
Okay, well... work tomorrow so sleepy time now... Love you all and wish you the best fun and laughter possible!!


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