14 September 2010

A September Catch-up

So. Done with school finally. Studied hard and passed my NAPLEX so now I'm a licensed pharmacist in the state of Oklahoma. Scary, huh?
I've been working hard and learning a lot. Now that I've accomplished that big goal I'm searching for a new one, once the dust settles and I'm on comfortable footing, of course. If one thinks about it, I've spend about a decade trying to get where I am now. Feels pretty good.
Most of my last posts have been really short and random. Seems like I've left out a lot of details about life recently but, to be honest, as everything was going on it was difficult to process all of it and regurgitate any sort of comprehendable report. I'll see what I can remember...
Finished rotations acceptably and graduated. Had a wonderful graduation party with lots of family and friends. The day of Commencement I wore a grey linen dress that I had made myself but it kicked me in the butt as we went to lunch when the zipper broke by seperating from the bottom up! Thankfully, I had clothes in the car to change into!
From there I worked a lot as a grad intern, as many hours as they would give me. Went to Las Vegas for the NAPLEX review and had a great time to boot! Elene & Rachel went too to keep me company. Saw the sights, ate the wonderful food, and studied some too.
Got back in time for Julia's wedding. Very nice and fun too. Belated Best Wishes to the gorgeous couple!
Then began about a month of studying for the Naplex... Mum drove up to Tulsa with me for the test and helped me celebrate afterward with a kick-butt mojito at lunch!
After the Naplex I worked some more as a grad intern before the state board of pharmacy let me know that I'd passed! Yay!!!!!!
Now I'm working (when I can get hours) as a full-fledged pharmacist and trying to love it. I do enjoy it a lot of the time but some days just suck. Things get messed up and people get mad. Such is life. But, hey, I'm here, I made it, and I have a job. Hallelujah! I am blessed!
In other blessed news, my little brother Dork is engaged. The lovely couple are looking forward to a November ceremony, if things go as planned. I'm looking forward to having a little sister!
That's the majority of the bigger things that have been going. Now I'm off to enjoy dinner with Skronky... Love and blessings to you!