26 July 2006


Just finished an Anne Rice book. Pretty good. Surprisingly mostly about a ghost with vamps as a side thing.
My computer may die any day now. It's making horrid sounds that could be interpreted as its swan song. Who knows?
I hate it when I'm wearing two shades of black and they don't match. Drives me nuts.
Saw a shirt at the mall today that said, "Rehab is for quitters." Mum thought it was witty and funny. I have to agree, no matter how ironic it is to make fun of people trying to get on the straight and narrow (btw what does that mean? I mean, where did that phrase come from??) During this same mall trip Dork looked in at a shop that had suits and tuxes to inquire if they had any pink ones. They didn't have any in stock but could order... Foreshadowing anyone? Just watch out at prom time next year... My little bro will be unmistakable if he has his way about it. This is what comes of letting impressionable young men listen to Relient K songs about the 1980's...
Love to all and see you soon!

21 July 2006

Cucumbers and zombies

Been working all week. Honestly, like 6 shifts this week! Last day was yesterday with a double and I did my exit interview this morning. So much fun!
Had to go to the Library again since all the work means did lots of reading. Apparently the crew from News Channel 5 is visiting my fair hometown and having a party? Who knew??
Yum cucumber....
Did end up having to fill out FAFSA... oh well, it happens. At least I'm not as freaked out about paying for school as I was. It'll all work out.
Okay, funny story about one of my patients... He wakes up from sleeping and tells me he's talking to a bunch of old men up in Heaven and one of them has a message for me. That old man, who is not God, wants to tell me he loves me. Okay, well thanks, is all I have to say. I mean, it's not hurting me so I'll be polite. Then my pt goes on to say that the old man wants me to say I love him too. Which, okay, is weird but I say, yeah I'm sure I love him too. My pt then goes right back to sleep. A few hours later he wakes up and goes to the restroom, then returns to bed and starts talking to me again. This time someone has been talking to him (no one has been in the room except us. No one has even called. TV is off) and informs him that he's a zombie; my pt that is. So I do my best to help him feel better while also not laughing at him, reassuring that if he was a zombie they wouldn't have brought him to the hospital since there isn't anything we can do for zombies these days. He thinks about it then reiterates that "They" say he is a zombie and that I should be careful not to sit too close to him. Which is so funny but I can't laugh and make him feel bad. "Well, you don't look like a zombie and you're not acting like a zombie so I don't really think you're a zombie but if "They" say so I'll sit over here and I'll let you know if you start acting like one, okay?" Which comforts him some. He follows with, "Well, do you know how to tell when someone is a zombie? Their poop smells different, that's how." This guy was straight-faced and not kidding at all, he wanted me to go to the bathroom and smell to see if he was a zombie. Needless to say I didn't want to do that so I just said that was interesting and changed the subject to lunch, which had just arrived. Didn't hear anymore about his zombieness after that but wtf?? How weird!
Yeah, so life is exciting!

15 July 2006

Thrift stores are fun

Hallooo everyone! Been a busy week of working so not much to report about. Last day of work will be this next week; I'm looking forward to it but at the same time it's a little sad since I have really gotten to know a lot of my coworkers. Honestly, if I thought I could handle working and pharm school both I would probably keep working there. Oh well, such is life with the introduction of new things and the farewell of old...
My 1 year anniversary with Skronky was yesterday so we cooked dinner together and went to see You, Me, and Dupree at the theatre. Pretty good; Never going to be my favorite movie but it was good.
You know how cheap I am, right? Well, I got Skronky a couple of thrift store shirts for a present! While I waited for him to get off work I went shopping and really enjoyed it since at the thrift store you never really know what you're going to find. It's a surprise every time! A little bit of everything so it's a good time. So yeah, I'm a fan of thrift stores.
It's hot outside!! Yowzers!
Guess that's about it. Busy but not anything too interesting. Love ya'll and wish you all the best!

11 July 2006

Julia's birthday

Slideshow to commemorate Friday's celebration of Julia's birthday!

06 July 2006

Eighties stuck in my crimped hair

Totally in an Eighties mood... thus alternating between Modern English's Melt With You and Berlin's Take My Breath Away in my head... both so good...
Dinner tonight was leftovers night. I like leftovers night; Something about the fridge being a little cleaner when we're done makes my heart happy I guess. The only thing truly leftover now is a single piece of pizza from yesterday... We'll see how long it lasts. My bet is tomorrow morning.
OOOOO!!! What's that song where the video is a girl in a diner reading a comic and then the guy in the comic starts winking at her, etc, etc, they end up together in the "real world" after he breaks out of the comic book???? Man, that's going to bother me... Anyway, I love that video. So fantastic and fairytale-like that it's just wonderful. Plus I remember it from when I was younger and I thought it was just sooo neat then too. (okay, I had to know so I looked it up... A-Ha's Take On Me, which happens to be from the same director as the video for Don't You Want Me by Human League which I had stuck in my head earlier!!! Wow, that's crazy. (Also, aren't I really talented at search engines? I amaze and astound myself! Woo!))
I was in a blah mood earlier this evening. (Sorry Mum and thanks for putting up with me) I don't know why I let myself get like that, I have nothing to be down about. Life is wonderful and I'm very blessed. I suppose I'm just being human again (**shudders** haha).
Got my teeth cleaned and x-rayed this morning. Proud to report I don't have any cavities or other dental maladies. For some reason the dentist and dental hygenist always seem surprised when I don't have any problems even though I never have had any big issues, really, even since I was a kid. Of course I had to have my wisdom teeth out in HS and braces before that but both of those were almost purely for looks and just minorly for comfort not because I desperately needed them. Oh well, maybe they're just trying to be nice since they can probably guess that I try to eat my weight in chocolate each week, especially if there isn't a Food Network challenge on to watch in the evenings.
Oh! I saw that movie, Must Love Dogs, tonight at home. Soooooo goood! If you haven't seen it I totally recommend it to you!
Well, off to bed since work in the morn. Love to all and to all a good night!

Happy 4th, belatedly

Been a couple of busy days... so goes summer away toward more busy-ness to come.
Working, hanging out with the family, helping around the house, and visiting Skronky have been keeping me mucho occupido. We painted the downstairs bathroom Monday... Mum was home and decided that she wanted the wood paneling in the bathroom, as well as the doorframe and cabinent, to be white. So we worked on it together while Dork and Daddy put together a little vinyl shed in the back yard. Both look pretty darn great in my opinion. The cabinent doors have yet to be completely finished but beyond that we did a lovely job!
Driving to work Monday evening (I pulled the night shift and following day shift into the 4th of July) I got to see a dozen or so sets of fireworks going off along the highway. I think that's one of the really nice things about living in Oklahoma, you get to see magical things like stars and fireworks for free. And other than the fact that fireworks can be dangerous, I think they're pretty awesome, beautiful to watch. Much like stars come to think of it...
Still in a crafting sort of mood but I guess that just means my brain is bored and that I should study to occupy my little mind so it doesn't wander off. Been visiting craftster.org to get ideas and such to keep me busy but haven't tried anything yet. Still have a bunch of patterns to work on but haven't done more than one skirt with Mum. Oh well, plenty of time for that later I suppose.
Library today to restock my reading collection with more junk books that won't put me straight to sleep. Why is it that the stupidest ones are the ones that I can stay awake through the best? I can still make it through the tougher stuff but have to take more breaks.
Julia's birthday is Friday! Small party down at the house, if anyone is interested let me know!
Anyway, love to all and best wishes!