15 July 2006

Thrift stores are fun

Hallooo everyone! Been a busy week of working so not much to report about. Last day of work will be this next week; I'm looking forward to it but at the same time it's a little sad since I have really gotten to know a lot of my coworkers. Honestly, if I thought I could handle working and pharm school both I would probably keep working there. Oh well, such is life with the introduction of new things and the farewell of old...
My 1 year anniversary with Skronky was yesterday so we cooked dinner together and went to see You, Me, and Dupree at the theatre. Pretty good; Never going to be my favorite movie but it was good.
You know how cheap I am, right? Well, I got Skronky a couple of thrift store shirts for a present! While I waited for him to get off work I went shopping and really enjoyed it since at the thrift store you never really know what you're going to find. It's a surprise every time! A little bit of everything so it's a good time. So yeah, I'm a fan of thrift stores.
It's hot outside!! Yowzers!
Guess that's about it. Busy but not anything too interesting. Love ya'll and wish you all the best!


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