23 May 2007

Lots of Sewing Madness

So... I don't have lots of words but felt an update was due...
Made a couple of skirts, two headbands, and a pair of short pants (ie capri/clamdigger like), got portraits taken and ordered, "personalized" new cell phone with numbers and settings, some soaps made, truck fixed/oil changed finally, working on getting a job, attended Dork's Oscar Night for HS, and... um, well, just enjoyed not being in school! Yay!
Sidenote: My pharmacy friend/brother Cory is engaged so congrats to the lovely couple and many, many happy thoughts/wishes! I still need to hear the story, of course, but YAY for ya'll!


15 May 2007

Calm After the Raging, Tearing Storm

I am officially a second year student in pharmacy college!!! P2, Woohooo!!!!
(I am only getting around to writing these words now since I just got the email today that allowed me to breath a sigh of relief that I won't have to do summer school for making a very, very high "D" in a course [The course I had the appointment with a professor to talk about studying/old exam questions I missed]!!! They had to change the point scale because the class as a whole did not exceed expectations on the final... and with this new point break 7% of the class made a D/F, 7% made an A, 26% made a B, and the remaining ~60% ended the course with a C. Crikey!)
This issue has been plaguing me since Friday when I graded my take-home score sheet at home that afternoon after taking my last final only to find that I missed a couple more than I could to still make a C in the course. I'll admit that I had a bit of a personal temper tantrum but kept it to a low decibel level since my young cousins were downstairs (i.e. I couldn't shout profanities without being a horrible influence on young minds). Moped around for a while before heading off to pester Skronky with my sulky presence. Managed to eat way too much Chinese takeout to try to drown (choke?) my sorrows... then added in a single wine cooler which lead to a gastric disaster of the ralphing kind... so yeah, Friday was just wonderful! Yay! (Many thanks to Mum and Skronky for being so understanding/putting up with me so well)
Saturday was nice and slow. Enjoyed some lovely Greek cuisine at The Greek House in Norman - Skonky and I had set eating there once this semester as a goal and hadn't fulfilled such yet since we were both so busy and they're not open on Sundays. But their food is sooo good that the wait was worth it! Yay! That evening we cooked out on Skronky's grill - pineapple, our own recipe for chicken, and baked potatoes. Delicious!
Sunday was lunch at
Bison Witches (also sooo good! I love good food if you hadn't noticed!) and then a flurry of cleaning at home for my family birthday dinner that evening. Got to catch up with everyone and play Apples to Apples; More good food! Yay for belated birthdays!!!
Messed around home yesterday until mid-afternoon then spent some quality time with a few old OU friends. (I love ya'll! I'm really going to miss some Sooners who are leaving my pretty little state...) Guitar Hero was never rocked so hard...
Ordered a new cell phone (before my old one falls apart) as my birthday present from my parents today so this particular Tuesday has been a blessed one in many ways; with good news, a present, and people I love. Yay for summer!!!!

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09 May 2007

I don't love finals week

Birthday went pretty well... Test that morning wasn't too horrible (I knew how to do all of the calcuations so the only stuff I might have messed up on is the graphing, of which he is very strict about, or the true/false that I barely studied. Yay!), studied that afternoon, Grandmum stopped by, went out to dinner with Mum and Dad (I was surprised because after we got there, as we were ordering our iced tea my aunt and uncle showed up, followed by Skronky a little while later! A very nice birthday surprise, especially since my aunt and uncle are going to be gone for my family "party" this weekend and I didn't think I was going to get to see Skronky until Friday at the earliest! Ooo and they had presents for me! Yay!). On our way home from dinner the weather looked really nasty and just as we were pulling into town the tornado sirens went off! We watched the weather the rest of the evening... I went upstairs to study some more before I got really tired around eleven and went to bed... Only to be woken up by Dad telling me to get to the closet (under the stairs) since there was a tornado warning for our immediate area. Spent the next hour or so in the closest trying to sleep since studying was out of the question in the dark. So that was a fun time. Apparently there was a ton of damage from the twister that touched down roughly a mile from my house... As far as I know, noone was injured, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
Here's some more complaining... Test this morning wasn't great. I forgot my labcoat, which is supposed to be required to take the test in this class, so I borrowed one from Mum (then it turned out that it didn't even matter - I didn't really think it would but didn't want to chance it). The test was 50 questions multiple choice; Only took me about twenty minutes to take it. I was really strong on the first half of the test but got slaughtered on the last half. Pretty sad to get a C for my final grade in what *was* once the easiest class for first years here... (granted, I don't know that I made a C, just guessing)
Then I waited in the study room, studying, for my appointment with one of my professors to discuss how to make sure I do well on the test I have to take Friday (I need to make at least a 73%) for a class that most of the rest of my classmates are doing dismally in as far as grades go. I got up to his office five minutes before time... door was shut so I waited until exactly on the hour before knocking. No answer. Waited a minute and knocked again. Nothing. Asked the office floor secretary if was in today; Was directed to his lab... Where he asked if I could come back later in the afternoon since it seems he forgot about our appointment. Good times. So now I'm waiting around (better than driving home 30 mins then turning right around and driving back up here for an appointment that might only take 15 minutes...) trying to make myself study some more. Argh. Finals week is just so frustrating

Love to all and hope you're having a good week!


06 May 2007

Begging and procrastination

I'm busy with finals studying-ness but since Tuesday is my birthday I thought right now a good time to beg everyone for a comment sometime this week! Please? Even if you remain anonymous on it, that works for me! Or if not a full-fledged comment then at least a happy thought (for passing finals?) in my direction, yes? Thank you in advance!!! ;)

Ever notice how hard it is to get motivated to study?
My test Monday, for example, I only need to make a 65% (of 200 questions, so roughly 129 right) to pass the class, 76% to make a B, and an A to make an A (a deal the course coordinator has with us since he knows there's no way anyone is making an A on this final - due to one "very wonderful" lecturer who is so "very kind" in writing questions that make sense and even "more kind" in being understanding &/or human about very blatantly correct-but-'wrong' responses...). It's going to be one of those tests that are just so insanely hard with very vague short-answer responses and very, very few multiple choice questions. Definitely something to look forward to, right? But I have enough confidence in my ability to BS that I think I can pull off a 65% without any problem... Who knows though... Back to studying...

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03 May 2007

Quick as a bunny

No, I don't really have time to be posting but had a couple of quick thoughts... And needed a study break anyway!
Playing a themed form of bingo for more than twenty minutes is not, and should not be, fun. Even if you throw in candy that only bumps it to twenty-five minutes of semi-enjoyment... (We are in grad school, right??? Did I miss the memo that we were back in kindergarten??) You're not going to trick us into thinking that studying this way is exciting or at all worthwhile, especially when it drags on for over seventyfive minutes.
I got sooo lost today in one of the other colleges' buildings on campus today. Serves me right for wearing impractical shoes. It must have been obvious because a secretary wandered out and asked if I was alright or if I needed help. (Julia, my confused face is apparently still highly effective) They lulled me into a false sense of hope when I stumbled upon a pretty garden but it was the completely wrong direction with apparently no way out! That path lead to a wall! Yay! Made it out finally on my own and was so very pleased to see the good old C. of P.
Why don't all dentists have pictures or tv's on the ceiling above the patients' chair? Wouldn't that make sense???
Happy Weekend and Best wishes on finals to anyone who happens to have any!

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