09 May 2007

I don't love finals week

Birthday went pretty well... Test that morning wasn't too horrible (I knew how to do all of the calcuations so the only stuff I might have messed up on is the graphing, of which he is very strict about, or the true/false that I barely studied. Yay!), studied that afternoon, Grandmum stopped by, went out to dinner with Mum and Dad (I was surprised because after we got there, as we were ordering our iced tea my aunt and uncle showed up, followed by Skronky a little while later! A very nice birthday surprise, especially since my aunt and uncle are going to be gone for my family "party" this weekend and I didn't think I was going to get to see Skronky until Friday at the earliest! Ooo and they had presents for me! Yay!). On our way home from dinner the weather looked really nasty and just as we were pulling into town the tornado sirens went off! We watched the weather the rest of the evening... I went upstairs to study some more before I got really tired around eleven and went to bed... Only to be woken up by Dad telling me to get to the closet (under the stairs) since there was a tornado warning for our immediate area. Spent the next hour or so in the closest trying to sleep since studying was out of the question in the dark. So that was a fun time. Apparently there was a ton of damage from the twister that touched down roughly a mile from my house... As far as I know, noone was injured, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
Here's some more complaining... Test this morning wasn't great. I forgot my labcoat, which is supposed to be required to take the test in this class, so I borrowed one from Mum (then it turned out that it didn't even matter - I didn't really think it would but didn't want to chance it). The test was 50 questions multiple choice; Only took me about twenty minutes to take it. I was really strong on the first half of the test but got slaughtered on the last half. Pretty sad to get a C for my final grade in what *was* once the easiest class for first years here... (granted, I don't know that I made a C, just guessing)
Then I waited in the study room, studying, for my appointment with one of my professors to discuss how to make sure I do well on the test I have to take Friday (I need to make at least a 73%) for a class that most of the rest of my classmates are doing dismally in as far as grades go. I got up to his office five minutes before time... door was shut so I waited until exactly on the hour before knocking. No answer. Waited a minute and knocked again. Nothing. Asked the office floor secretary if was in today; Was directed to his lab... Where he asked if I could come back later in the afternoon since it seems he forgot about our appointment. Good times. So now I'm waiting around (better than driving home 30 mins then turning right around and driving back up here for an appointment that might only take 15 minutes...) trying to make myself study some more. Argh. Finals week is just so frustrating

Love to all and hope you're having a good week!



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