18 March 2007

Spring Break Begins!

I've been bad. Posts have been sparse. For such I do appologise.
Last week was thoroughly busy and this weekend has been more of the same. Have been helping quite a bit at Grandpa's house with painting and cleaning. Fun to be with family but hard work too.
(Sidenote: Did you know that there are two companies that make ostomy supplies and one of those two is named Hollister? How freaking funny is that???)
Shopped with Dork yesterday for school clothes since we're both hard on fabric apparently. I'd forgotten anew how much fun it is to wait in line to use the dressing room at the store... And did you know that a local merchant has "family" fitting rooms with a picture of a man and woman each holding a hand of the child between them? I find this notion of a "family" fitting room just a little odd since I don't think there's ever been a situation, even when I was little, that it took both Mum and Dad to see if clothes fit me. Why make a room twice as big when people have been making do with the small rooms just fine to see if their kids' clothes fit? And by the time the kid is old enough to take up much room he or she should be allowed to change clothes alone, right? Around age ten, at the latest, I would think they'd be old enough to not strangle for the two minutes it takes to put on a shirt, huh? Anyway, it was something to muse on while waiting...
Oh! I found some cute black, cheap shoes this shopping trip that made waiting for the dressing rooms worth while! Woohoo!!! Yay for awesome finds!
Dork and Em have been "going steady" for a whole year as of today. Crazy kids.
Skronky acquired a new shed for his backyard yesterday. I did not get to help but it looked like fun for those wielding tools. He's getting rid of the sweet fancy rat that someone gave him; Mr. Rat is going to live next door with a couple of little girls who are totally great for thinking that rats are good pets! Rock on sisters! Also acquired recently: two little blue poison dart frogs took up residence in Skronky's terrerium. Beautiful and NOT deadly! Yay!
Spring Break is this week. Finally. Am looking forward to some sewing, sleeping, and (sigh) studying (since have 3 tests and a paper or two due as soon as we get back to classes).
Hope ya'll had a lovely weekend and that the ensuing week treats you well! Much love!

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Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

The blue dart frogs are TOTALLY deadly! Robbers, squatters, hippies, and theives have been known to fall ill when venturing within 10 feet of dendrobates azureus!

4:32 PM  

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