12 February 2007

Busy First Test Block

Whew! Whirlwind update incoming! (I've been a busy little gal... So I have to talk about it or else none of it happened, right??)
I tried a new version of the lipgloss adventure in compounding = SUCCESS!! It is both smooth and moisturizing while at the same time distinctly chocolately, which is what I was aiming for! Yay! Comment me if you NEED the recipe!
Went to a lovely Super Bowl party out at Dawn's a week ago Sunday (on Super Bowl Sunday, no less!) We ate lots of freshly no-longer-alive pig with barbecue sauce and I helped Dawn make a Super Bowl cake that was an odds-on perfect replica of the football field (or something close... haha actually there was only the 50 yard line and each team's endfield... But it was yummy and beautiful anyway!) Marie was delightful and "helped" with the cake/icing/M&M players so much that we set her up with a plate of her own frosting to "decorate." A picture of it exists somewhere...
My Biostats exam 1 went well; ended up with a 92% which is very pleasing to me! (Pharm Practice the next day wasn't as lovely feeling though we don't have grades back yet so I can't really say...) Biopharm (i.e. Math) was today. I feel pretty good about how I did on it. I knew most of what I was writing about and calculating so I guess we'll see on that one, too. Still to come later this week: Principles of Drug Action (AKA - PDA), Immunology, and Drug Delivery Systems II (DDS II).
Thursday and Friday last week I got in ten hours of site visits at my first monthly rotation. I have now filled well over a thousand capsules with a capsule loader... Thank goodness it wasn't all by hand but it still took a long time even with lots of help. Six more hours there then on to a new site.
Happy Birthday to my Darling Mrs. Mel in W'ford! Her birthday was this last weekend so now she's old. But very loved so yay!!!!
Enjoyed a trip to the local Asian grocery store Saturday after a tutoring session at school. There are so many neat things to explore there that I hypothesize that I could spend hours poking around and never get bored. Brought back some goodies to cook dinner with Skronky - We made sweet and sour chicken with veggies and rice noodles. Very yummy. The best part about cooking is trying new things, right?
We tried a new restaurant (new to me anyway) for lunch too! Bison Witches in Norman (OK), which I knew was a nice bar but had never been to either bar or daytime restaurant, was great! Had the half sandwich with soup - fills ya up and tastes deliscious!
To finish off before I head back to studying: We're having a bake sale at the OUHSC Student Union this Wednesday (yes, Valentine's Day) in the morning and afternoon to raise funds to sponsor a kid for Make A Wish Foundation through our Kappa Psi Province. I'll be providing cookies so if ya get a chocolate craving Wednesday remember that I make a pretty awesome chocolate chip cookie...
Love, happy wishes, and a big smile to my internet Valentines!

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Blogger Julia adoringly said...

Chocolate lip gloss??? DO TELL!! Also...I hope all your tests went well...and don't tell Julie, but Ben has AIDS...it's just a mild case though!

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

Tell Ben not to worry; when life gives you an AIDS, make lemonaids!

2:47 PM  

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