27 January 2007

Livin', lovin', skatin'

The cat is marauding through the house like a crazed creature. If you heard any high pitched screams/squeals at this time today it was me trying not to let the cat kill me, first in the middle of the stairs then at the top of the stairs and finally entering my bedroom. Her attack maneuvers are deft and premeditated, or I assume so since she nearly won and has the kind of time it would take to plan a massacre on any scale necessary. Also, she loves men. She was sucking up to Skronky today; This proves that she is out to kill me and steal not only my electric blanket but also Skronky! Not sure I'm up to outsmarting such a determined little grey cat but I will do my best, this I do vow... ("We who are about to shamefully surrender to a feline combatant salute you!" Isn't that how the Roman gladiators started their battles??)
Went ice skating with Skronky, Dork, and Em this evening, which rendered me bone-tired. I'm about to fall into bed. I was the only one of us to fall (gracefully of course) to the icy floor which I attribute to a tiny skate-wearing child who had tried to end his skate time misery by tripping me thereby getting me to squash him and nearly succeeded. I slid over and crashed solo thus avoiding a child-slaughter charge by way of squashing. Zamboni!
Enjoyed a lovely family evening yesterday with some of the aunts, uncles, and cousins over (of course including Em and Skronky in the mix) to eat yummy food, play Apples to Apples and pool. Oh and the canine pack congregated at our house to further roam the backyard and living rooms at will (3 shelties and a Havanese make up our furry troop). Isn't family great? Happy weekend ya'll!

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Anonymous Anonymous adoringly said...

I saw this heartwarming, "human (duck?) interest", story and thought of you...

*gushes* It's just so.... Real! *sob*



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