26 January 2007

Where would you find a tumbleweed in the city...

On my drive home from class this afternoon there were three tumbleweeds in the highway median! Tumbleweeds! In the median! This isn't a spaghetti western here folks, it's the real deal, so why do we have tumbleweeds??? (Mum and I have concluded that when ice melts it turns into, you guessed it, tumbleweeds. That is THE only plausible explanation.)
During a class lecture recently the guest speaker had a slide show with the phrase, "For every yes answer there is a thousand no's." Exactly like that on the first slide. This is a speaker who has multiple degrees both in the science arena and in philosophy. He didn't seem to realize there was anything wrong with that sentence. And he also kindly included several other very obvious grammatical and punctuation errors as well as many redundant questions to entertain us. Needless to say that was my fave class of the week...
At our Kappa Psi meeting today I accidentally volunteered for something. One would think I would have learned my lesson by now but Noooooo....
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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