20 December 2006

Svine Pins!!!

My bobby pins are frustrating me. They're fairly new and yet refuse to do their very simple job. They only have to stay put, stay hidden, and make me look fabulous. Is that too much to ask? I think not... Swine pins!
I forgot to say thank you to those who got me all those lovely Christmas gifts Saturday; Thank you very, very much! It all fits, smells, tastes, feels, looks, and is/are just right! (Ah there is my justification for not saying thank you more than once right away, I hadn't tried them all out yet!)
I need to start sewing again... So many cute patterns and tons of fabric in our "sewing closet" aka the HUGE bathroom cabinet. And a huge part of me wants to get back to being a crafty person. (haha oh the irony that I should feel thus after ranting about next year's dirty santa decree, huh?)
Did you know that there is absolutely nothing worth watching on TV during the day? I had forgotten... You get either little kid shows, soaps, or strange reruns of shows you never watched anyway because they sucked the first time (and why would they be any better now??)
Anyway, love to all and as much good will as you can handle! (I know without specifics it's hard, but if you would, please pray/think happy thoughts for a dear friend of mine that's going through a very tough time in life. Thank you so much!)


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